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Drugs Are Bad, Mm-Kay?

Flashback to Gedrick asking Wahlberg what's in the report. "My baby's second autopsy report."

Cut to Trumper holding a cassette tape at an awkward angle so the light hits it just right. The camera pans up to Trumper's face and back down to the tape. Trumper turns it off and says to Gedrick, "That's it? Not much of a confession." Gedrick asks for time: "I'll get him." They watch the pretty downtown view.

Joel. (Wahlberg.) Janice has woken up and is asking where her baby is. She says that nobody will tell her. Fearless and Wahlberg are in the room, wanting to ask a few questions. Wahlberg asks what happened yesterday. Janice doesn't know she was unconscious. Fearless asks if Janice shot up because the labor pains were too severe. Janice says she didn't shoot up. She hasn't touched a needle in a year. "We found the needle right next to your body, Janice," Wahlberg says. Janice looks into space, like she's touched in the head, and has a hard time understanding what's going on. Wouldn't they have done a screening to see what's in her blood right now, if there was heroin? And couldn't they have tested the needle by now, too? Anyway, Janice freaks out and cries the best crying monologue this show's seen, saying she can't remember. She went to the clinic and then she went to the store and then she came home and she knows she didn't shoot up. She begs to know where her baby is. Fearless says they don't know. "We're trying to find it," Wahlberg says. "'Her'!" Janice shouts. "My baby is a 'her'!" She cries and says this baby trusted her with her life and she's been doing so well because the baby picked Janice of all the people in the world. She begs them to find her baby, because she'd rather be dead if they don't. Wahlberg looks around the room, full of guilt.

Cut to the hospital hallway. Fearless: "So, what do you think about that woman, man?" Wahlberg: "Think she's telling the truth." It's that easy. Fearless scoffs that someone knew that Janice was about to give birth, came over, fixed her up, and took the baby. What's the other option, Fearless? The baby crawled away on its own? Wahlberg excuses himself to see a lawyer.

The lawyer is the shrink/lawyer who was hitting on Andrea in the very special "Daddy was a boozehound" episode. Matt Craven is the actor's name. ["I think I mentioned this in a recap when he was on ER one time, but he's from St. Catharines, where Glark and I are from; Matt Craven's mom gets her hair done at the same salon as my mother-in-law." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Wahlberg tells Craven that McPointy recommended him, even though he can't stand him. Craven says he doesn't know if he can help, but he'll hear the case. Wahlberg tells Craven that they lost a baby last year: "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome." "SIDS," Craven interrupts, to show he's down. Anyway, Wahlberg says that he ordered a second autopsy to be sure, but that it came two weeks later, by which time he had "a wife with slashed wrists," so he never read the report. Now the coroner's file has gone missing and they think Wahlberg has it. Craven asks about his wife's suicide attempt. "Does she know this case has been reopened?" "No," Wahlberg says. He's not going to tell her, either. "Because you don't think she can handle it, or you think she might try to kill herself again?" Don't those two things mean the same thing? Wahlberg just stares at Craven.

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