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Drugs Are Bad, Mm-Kay?

Cut to the evening as Wahlberg drives home. He finds a million police cars in front of his house, lights flashing, causing a scene.

Once inside, somehow Kelly still doesn't know what's going on, even though the cops are searching her house. Trumper's going through a desk. Wahlberg muscles his way past cops, pushing and screaming, until he holds Kelly in his arms. Kelly asks, "[Wahlberg]? What is all this? What?" Instead of answering, Wahlberg once again just stares off into space and we go to commercial.

Craven's office again. Who knows what day it is. Craven asks if they searched anywhere other than Wahlberg's house. "Yeah, my locker," Wahlberg says. Craven tells them to have a seat. He asks Wahlberg if he has the missing file. "No, I don't," Wahlberg says. Craven asks again. Wahlberg again says he doesn't. "Sure, you do," Craven says. Wahlberg asks if this is a shrink trick to get him worked up. Craven says this is a lawyer trick, and the kind of questions he'll get from IA. I guess so. "Do you have the file?" It might be the first question they ask, don't you think? Craven offers to give Wahlberg the shrink side: "How do you feel about what's going on?" Wahlberg asks Craven to stick to the lawyer side. Craven asks Kelly why she tried to kill herself. Wahlberg tells Craven to stop talking and to leave Kelly out of it. Why is she even there, then? Wahlberg doesn't let this woman do a damn thing, including speak unless he okays the words before she says them. Kelly says the one word she's allowed to say -- "Joel" (she means "Wahlberg")-- before Wahlberg tells her, "No, no, Kelly. This is about me." Is it? I thought it was about the both of you, and your baby, and how you think she killed him or her. Wahlberg tells Craven to leave Kelly out of this. "I can try. But I can't control everything," Craven says. Wahlberg says he wants Trumper to stay away from her. "It's not just Kelly he's going to want to talk to," Craven says, segueing to...

Teresa. Oh, finally Wahlberg and Teresa will admit their semi-tryst. Trumper asks Teresa about the call she responded to the day Kelly slit her wrists. Teresa says she's already told him this story about ten times. Trumper says that eleven is his lucky number, so she might want to tell the story again. Teresa says they got a call at 5:30 that a woman had been cut walking through a shower door. She found Mrs. Wahlberg bleeding through the wrists when she found her. Trumper asks if it looked like she walked through a shower door. Teresa notes that the shower door was broken. Trumper says that the injuries were self-inflicted. Remember how she was found in the bathtub? Where was this shower door? ["The tub in my old apartment had a pair of sliding glass doors, so maybe that's what they mean, as opposed to the door on a shower stall." -- Wing Chun] Trumper says that Wahlberg lied and then broke the door to cover up the lie. Teresa says they stopped the bleeding and drove Kelly over to ER, where they patched her up. Trumper asks what Kelly said as they were assisting her. Teresa shakes her head and says she was crying. Trumper asks what she said as she was crying. "What do you say when you cry, Detective?" she asks. Oooh. Burn. I mean, Huh? Trumper says they already talked to Randy, Teresa's partner, and he said that Kelly kept repeating the same thing that night, "over and over." I love when they add "over and over" after the word "repeating," as if there's some other way to repeat something other than over and over.

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