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Drugs Are Bad, Mm-Kay?

Ew. They mold Dr. D's face into this scary mask face -- I do believe they're being mean to me -- as time has passed at Dr. D's house. The cops are now all leaving. Ray finally picks up the laundry-basket baby and walks outside. He puts the basket on the cement and says, "There we go. Little dream girl. What do you see, huh? What do you see?" The detectives are now interrogating newborn babies. This precinct needs a class or something. Wahlberg asks how the baby's doing. Ray says she's fine, and that Children's Services is on the way. Why? Can't they give the baby back to Janice, who was clean and only lost the baby because she got drugged by her bad doctor? Ray gets a call on his cell phone. It's Tom. Ray says that was the first arrest he ever made while wearing short pants. But Tom's calling for Wahlberg, and decided not to call Wahlberg's phone, for whatever reason. Ray hands the phone to Wahlberg. Wahlberg shoots Ray a suspicious look before taking the phone, prompting the music of tension as Wahlberg asks two questions and then hangs up. He passes Fearless, who's wearing his ugliest outfit ever (a powder blue track suit with matching baseball cap? Who dresses this man?) and says he's got to go because Kelly's talking to Trumper.

Kelly. Kelly tells Trumper he's a coward, "going after [her] husband like this." Trumper says it's not a witch hunt. "That is exactly what it is!" Kelly says, but she sounds like Sarah Michelle Gellar when she Valleys it up. Kelly says he'll have to drag her into court in leg irons to talk about her husband, but that she will talk about herself: "Our baby's death was my fault. I had postpartum depression. The baby had colic, I wasn't sleeping well, so I took a sleeping pill. I slept right through my child taking her last breath. One room away and I was sleeping. That is my fault. And I will live with that for the rest of my life -- how I failed that little girl, how I failed my husband. Now, what I want to know is how do you justify what you've done?" Trumper says he doesn't have to: "I'm upholding the law." And what exactly is it that he's done? Trumper says he may be the only one upholding the law, since the coroner's report is missing. Kelly poorly acts that her husband has done nothing wrong. He's taken care of her and her son and "prop[ped]" her up better than anyone else has, and better than she deserves: "So you wanna mess with me? Go ahead. But you mess with him? You'd better sleep with one eye open." People. Eighteen episodes of shitty writing has left me with the inability to snark on something so horrible that it alone snarks itself. Kelly tells Trumper to make a note in her file that she just threatened him. Wahlberg runs in, and Fearless's scary track suit screams, "[Wahlberg]! Be cool!" Wahlberg escorts Kelly out of the room as Fearless shouts at Trumper, "How dare you? Going after a man's wife!" Trumper says that Kelly came to him. Wahlberg gets way too close to Trumper when he says, "You talked to my wife without a lawyer?" Trumper says the only line that actually makes sense on this show -- a line that should have been said a long time ago: "Your wife's an adult, [Wahlberg]. She knew what she was doing. You don't have to control every move she makes." Wahlberg tries to shove Trumper around (why doesn't Wahlberg have to attend an anger management class by now, what with the way he's always shoving and hitting people?), but Fearless calls his name a few times and then wrestles him back. They hug as Fearless reminds Wahlberg that it's not worth it. We've watched this entire scene in soft focus, the camera focused on Kelly, who's trying really hard to generate a tear or two, but it's not working out for her. Fearless walks Wahlberg out of the room as Trumper stares into space.

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