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Ray. McPointy wants to know whether Ray's ready to spill. Ray says McPointy couldn't nail him for Vista Heights before, and he won't be able to now. McPointy threatens to nail Ray for obstruction, having him to spend a night in jail getting pummeled by people who hate him. Ray begins complimenting McPointy's eye color, saying they're a gray or chartreuse. Ray knows the word "chartreuse"? ["Obviously not, if he thinks that's similar to gray." -- Wing Chun] He says they're just like lizard eyes. He asks McPointy whether Andrea Little will be covering the story. "How would I know that?" McPointy asks. Ray says he knows that Andrea writes her drafts at Fulham's on 8th, and sometimes McPointy joins her there for hot sex and booze. McPointy says that Ray's too late: his marriage is already ruined. Ray says he doesn't care about personal bullshit; he's talking politics: "I'm talking about a deputy district attorney wrapping up with a crusading reporter who's supposed to be covering his office. Not exactly gonna help your credibility in certain circles, now is it?" Ray walks out of the house...

...and into Andrea's apartment. She apologizes for the mess, saying her maid is due tomorrow, and that she's a writer, so that's why she's a slob. Hey! Ray notes the nice place for a writer. Andrea says the Trib salary just about covers her electric bill, and the rest of it is family money. Ray says his dad was a plumber. Andrea: "Yeah? So was mine. Plumbed every chick he could get his hands on." I know some of you like this show, but aren't there times when you're like, "They're taking advantage of the fact that I'm sitting on a couch, my hands in a bowl of popcorn, and I can't cover my ears. I can't turn the channel because I don't have cable. I can't just leave the room because I don't want to wake my kids. I'm trapped here and they are feeding me shitty writing and calling it 'groundbreaking.'" Andrea wonders what people would think if they saw Ray standing in her apartment. He says he thinks it'd be pretty significant, seeing as how Andrea almost wrecked his career. Andrea says she gives her sources pseudonyms even in her notes, and hands him her files. As Ray reads about the security companies, Andrea tells us what he's reading. It doesn't matter. We know there's a rat and that's all that matters because...oh, I've forgotten how many cops were killed. Andrea found out that three installers worked all of the safe robberies: "I think one guy may have been associated with someone who may have been linked to John Donadoni." Case closed! The music starts up and Ray looks very nervous as he brings over the file. "What?" she asks him. "I need to use your phone," he says. Andrea asks what he found. "I think I know who the rat is," Ray says. "Who?" Andrea asks, owling it up. Not so fast, Andrea. You know Ray can't tell you which of your sources is the rat. You'll have to figure it out yourself, just like you always do. Commercial.

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