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Joel. Again? Trumper walks into the room and tells Karen, Gedrick, and Manzani that they know none of them is the rat. Gedrick asks who did it. Trumper says it was a detective. The one-way mirror kicks on and we watch the three cops watch Wahlberg interrogate Ramos. You know, because that's generally how these things work. Wouldn't Manzani get a bit suspicious here? Walhberg and Ramos blah-blah on until Ramos gets furious that Wahlberg's insinuating that Ramos works with Donadoni now. Wahlberg says that they have a photo of him having dinner with Donadoni. Man, that mob boss gets around. Dinner with Gedrick, Ray, Manzani...maybe the cops should quit taking all of their dinner-date invitations. Manzani shuffles, as do Karen and Gedrick.

The Captain walks in and asks whether Ramos has confessed to everything yet. Wait a minute...Manzani's the only real Italian-sounding name on the force. He must be the rat! The Captain says that the Feds are lifting the lockdown, but in exchange, they have to sit on Ramos all night to make sure he doesn't make any phone calls. It just so happens that tonight, the Feds were planning to bring down Donadoni and they don't want Ramos to tip him off. How conveeenient! Manzani asks what time they were planning on showing up at Donadoni's so that he has the most accurate information when he places the call in three minutes. The Captain tells him. The Captain has a problem with Pinter Pauses: "Donadoni's a real...flight risk." Thanks for building up the tension, Cap'n. We watch Manzani watch Ramos scream at Wahlberg that he wants his lawyer and his union rep immediately. Wahlberg cuffs Ramos, who says he's not the rat. He tells Wahlberg to look at him so he can repeat, "I'm not the rat!" Everybody's making everyone look at them so they can start repeating stuff. Doesn't anyone go over these scripts before they shoot the scenes?

The Rat. Is this supposed to be a surprise to anybody? The rat pulls his "emergency gun" from its hidden place inside the station. He makes a phone call to Donadoni. "Johnny?" he asks. "Yeah, who's this?" "Vince." I love that suddenly nobody has Caller ID, that nobody recognizes each other's voices, that Manzani has perfect reception here inside the station, and that somehow we're supposed to be surprised that Manzani's the rat. The only real question I have is, why did he just go and pull his gun when nobody thinks he's the rat? Manzani tells Donadoni to get on his plane and get out of town because the Feds are coming. "Are you serious?" "Donadoni" asks. He then asks if Manzani's stupid, or just has the largest "stones" in the force. He asks why Manzani would make the call from inside the police station when he's seconds away from being outside, since the lockdown is over. Good question, Ramos. It doesn't make it less implausible just because you've drawn attention to it. Why does he have his gun drawn? Why is he checking all the locked doors? Why do you have him trapped in a hallway to begin with? Why not just arrest him and then tell him everything afterward instead of creating a situation where he could potentially shoot everybody? And if you know it's the rat, and you're about to do this takedown, why not give everyone back their weapons? Why have four cops without guns slowly walk toward the one man who does have a gun? That's stupid. Ramos uses the word "mook" here again. What's up with the "mook"s All it does is make me think of the "Moops," and then I start thinking about how much I miss Seinfeld. What is the deal with this shakedown? They intercepted Donadoni's phone calls, forwarding the calls to the station. I guess that's somehow not illegal. There are pictures of Manzani eating dinner with Donadoni. Yeah, we know. The cops slowly, slowly walk towards Manzani, who has now pulled his gun.

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