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Flashback! Norville's saying, "Manzani! Manzani! Joel! Manzani, Joel! Manzani, Joel!"

"He kept saying your name to tell me that it was you," says Wahlberg. Or maybe, he kept saying your name to tell Manzani it was you. He did say "Joel" almost as many times. Manzani takes a "hostage": fucking Trumper, who just made the most obvious entrance -- through a door that Manzani had already shown us was locked -- right into Manzani's hands. Now, why doesn't Trumper have a gun? Why did they do this without weapons? How stupid is that? Manzani shoots Ramos in the shoulder and starts moving toward the doors. Wahlberg asks Ramos if he's okay. "Yeah," he says, still grabbing at his neck. Manzani's already out the door. So much for the semi-lockdown. Why isn't the place really under lockdown? I don't get it. Weren't they lying about taking the place off of lockdown? Why don't the Feds have any weapons? And there the hell are they? Why is it just Manzani and Fearless in a parking garage, guns drawn?

You know, this whole thing is so stupid. It's not even possible. Manzani, through Fearless's advice, switches hostages, taking Fearless instead. Fearless says that nobody would care if someone from IA bit a bullet, and Manzani says he'd love to shoot Fearless anyway, what with his self-righteous babbling all the time. He decides to take Fearless's car instead. Now, finally the other cops are starting to show up. It appears that someone gave the cops guns again. The cops move in closer, and Manzani holds Fearless in his arms and moves back to the car. "Stay where you are!" Manzani screams over and over again, like Sherilyn Fenn looking for her compact and lipstick. Manzani asks what kind of engine Fearless has got. "V8" he says, but the closed captioning says he says, "Big." This show is falling apart right in front of our eyes. Manzani and Fearless get into the car. Just as Manzani's about to shoot Fearless in the face, Manzani gets shot instead. By Ray. Blood and brain explode all over Fearless's front seat. Fearless bangs his steering wheel a few times. He gets out of the car and pouts. Wahlberg finally tells the rest of the cops to back down.

Now. Okay. Really. We don't know why Manzani did this, or how. Was Ray really supposed to take a shot right there? Was that legal? And how do they know for sure that Manzani was the rat? Didn't they just kill him under suspicion? Fearless breathes heavily as Ray puts his gun down on the hood of the car. He asks Ray how he knew Manzani would go for his car. Ray says he didn't; he just came here to watch Fearless's back. There's a solemn moment as the music plays sad, sad, sadly and all of the cops stare at each other, thinking about what they've been accusing each other of as I fought off sleep. Wahlberg kisses Fearless's shoulder before walking away. Fearless exhales as the cops walk closer and stare. Okay. Well, so much for that.

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