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Cut once again to the Flashback Film of McPointy banging on Berman's limo at the airport. He spits on the ground.

Fearless is in Flashback Film, but we've never seen this scene before, nor is he McNorris, so who knows when or where we are. Fearless thanks someone in French before he hangs up the phone. He tells McNorris that the guy they thought was Zach was an English botanist checking out a butterfly. McNorris really slams on the desk hard, to show just how pissed off he is. Wahlberg walks over and shows McNorris the DNA results for the skin under Jo(e)y's fingernails. Not one fingerprint on her, huh? Nor semen? Wasn't she having sex? At Berman's house? In his guest bed? Whatever. Anyway, McNorris and Fearless share a look.

Cut to McNorris telling Zach he knows what the report's going to say. Berman tells McNorris that he has to understand all of the pressure that Zach's been under lately. You know how there's so much pressure that you just want to videotape sex with a girl and then kill her? "For God's sake, Dad!" Zach says bad-actingly, "I didn't do it!" Berman looks to McPointy for confirmation as he incredulously asks, "What?" McPointy seconds that Zach didn't do it. Berman says he doesn't understand. McPointy says it wasn't Zach's skin underneath her fingernails. They don't know whose it was, but it wasn't Zach. "But you knew the girl!" Berman accuses Zach. Zach says she was tutoring him. I'll say. "She's the reason my SAT scores went up," adds Zach. I'll say, again. Berman screams that they had sex together. "And what about the video?" he asks. Zach says they were just fooling around. I', fuck it. "It was supposed to be just for us. Then Rob Maxwell hacked into my computer and posted it." Damn you, Rob Maxwell! DAMN YOU TO HELL! You posted it to that nebulous place! McNorris tells Zach that he's going to need to tell the police all of this, and anything else he could tell them. He tells him to call the police and say he was lying low at a friend's house and just found out the police were looking for him, and he's ready to answer any questions. Berman asks Zach why he didn't tell him he was innocent. "I shouldn't have to," they make Zach say. "I'M YOUR SON!" We get totally Afterschool here as Zach continues, "Besides. You never even asked, did you? You just assumed." He walks away. We get a close-up of a whiskey bottle with McNorris standing near it.

At the interrogation room, Wahlberg asks Zach why Jo(e)y was at his party. "She wanted to talk," he says. I'll say. "She was upset." Fearless asks if she was upset about the video. Zach says she wasn't. She was upset at first, but not that night. "She and her father had a fight," he says. "About what?" Fearless asks. "I guess her father saw the video on her computer found a check that I'd given her, and he got this crazy idea that I was paying her for sex." McNorris echoes my sentiments, as well as yours, as he mumbles, "Oh, you gotta be kidding me." Now, if the father killed the girl at the guesthouse, how did nobody know that? Didn't Zach see the father there, with the fireplace poker? The guy who was having sex with her -- did he not see him? How did the dad get into and out of that mansion without any security seeing? Why am I the only one who sees the nine million plot holes every episode has? Why are we smarter than this show? Why haven't we boycotted yet? Look, I know there's only about thirty of us even reading these recaps, anyway. Don't we want better for our lives? Don't we deserve more than this? Why was she keeping the video on her computer, if it upset her? Why would she do that when her dad's so strict? How was she even able to get out of the house that night, since she would have been crazy-grounded? Dammit!

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