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Man! It's still not over! McNorris walks through his dark living room and watches Marion drive away. He smiles, cocks his head, smiles, cocks his head, sniffs, raises the glass to himself again, and drains it. He closes his eyes, inhales, grimaces, sucks his teeth, shakes his head, smiles, cocks his head, overacts, overacts, overacts. My boyfriend enters and says, "Oh, I thought you were playing the piano." Because, you see, I only have one month's worth of practice. When I try to learn the piano, it sounds like Boomtown's background music. My boyfriend's line makes me laugh and laugh and laugh, to the point where he's concerned about me. If only my face was sopping wet and I had a tumbler of fake Scotch, then McNorris and I could finish this recap in the same ridiculous pose.

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