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Katrina asks Fearless whether he started a list. Fearless says he's making his way through it. She asks where Freaktown is now. "Believe it or not, he's here somewhere," Fearless answers with a laugh.

Two cars outside now. Sirens can be heard at a distance. Fearless smokes, deciding to stand in the parking lot rather than outside his motel room. The manager tells Fearless that he's got a phone call, and asks if he wants to take the call in his room or in the office. Fearless doesn't want to wake his guests, so he takes it in the office.

Fearless tells the manager he did a good job clearing the place. "Hey, it's on the city's dime, right?" he asks as he leaves the room. So, it's the coroner on the phone, and in some ridiculous plot twist, he says that two "cops" came by twenty minutes ago to see the dead bodies of Lara and Katrina themselves. He says that he said no because he didn't know them, but that they were really insistent. Suddenly, the line goes dead. Huh? Is he dead? Twenty minutes ago? Are they still there? What's going on? Fearless tells the manager to get his gun and an impressive amount of ammo. The rifle is just sitting there for anybody to take, by the way. Fearless tells the manager to lock himself in his office. He calls Wahlberg. "Joel Stevens," Wahlberg answers. It's quiet, and then Fearless says, "We've got a problem." "Hey," Wahlberg says all cool. "I just talked to the coroner. I'm on my way."

  • Huh?
  • Did he talk to the coroner before the coroner called Fearless?
  • If so, why didn't Wahlberg call Fearless to tell him that everyone's life was in danger?
  • Why hadn't Wahlberg called for backup so Fearless already had other units on the scene?
  • Is the coroner dead?
  • How long has Wahlberg known that people were coming to kill Fearless?
  • And why would he answer the phone with his name, when he always checks the Caller ID and knows when it's Fearless calling him?
  • What's with the long pause? Is it a recording of Joel? Is he already dead, too?
  • Why would he be all, "Hey," like there's nothing going on?
  • What the fuck has happened to this show?

Fearless orders Wahlberg to get some backup. "We're on our way," he says calmly, like they're about to investigate a cookie-snatching at a day care center.

Fearless walks out into the open parking lot, an obvious and easy target. He watches as many black cars drive up in a line. They're the only cars on this Los Angeles street right next to the ten because it's like, nine at night and nobody ever goes out at night in Los Angeles.

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