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Fearless. Flashback Film to where Fearless promises that Lara won't have to testify and Teresa tells Katrina that Fearless is a good man. Fearless is zoned out because he sees Freaktown -- the Desert Storm partner who took a sniper's bullet for him -- chilling out in the restaurant, chowing down on some dead guy's sandwich. A sad trumpet ushers in Freaktown's song.

Cut to McNorris pointing and touching, explaining The Greater Good. Fearless zones out again, seeing Freaktown chillin' on a shelf, giving him a pointed finger. The music wants us to remember how good a movie Platoon was and then apply those feelings to this show. Not happening!

Fearless tells Solonick in the interrogation room that he knows about the threats Katrina and Lara were getting. Huh? When? This all happened just an hour or two ago and both girls have been at the station since the shooting. When would threats have happened? Solonick says that his lawyer "stepped out for a piss," and that they can talk when he gets back. Fearless gets cocky: "Naw. We're not gonna talk. You're gonna listen." So cool, so hip, so Eastwood. Fearless says that Lara can't testify because Katrina won't let her, so he's going to leave them alone. He says they can do it the easy way or the hard way. Every single clichéd line comes out of both of their mouths: the threats, the long explanations of how difficult Russian prisons are, and how families are killed and how people are tortured. Solonick says he still has his eyes, tongue, skin, and business because he understands that Russians don't make threats, only promises. I'll be standing over there by the sign that reads: "NO MORE BULLSHIT SCRIPTS." I'll meet you there.

Fearless lights a cigarette and sees Freaktown sitting in a lawn chair. Fearless says he knows why Freak is there, and that this time, he's going to keep his word, unlike last time.

Whoosh sound. Wahlberg opens the door and catches Fearless talking to himself. Fearless knows it must look funny, him all talking to himself, filler, filler, boring dialogue, but he's been seeing Freaktown lately, filler, filler, Wahlberg lies and says that Fearless hasn't talked about Freaktown much lately, and Fearless says he wasn't thinking about him, filler, filler, launching into flashback story. Why is there a lawn chair at the police station?

Desert Storm. Three Kings rip-off. Freaktown is drooling over a picture of a steak in a magazine. He rips it out and puts it on the wall next to Fearless's pin-up. Hilarity!

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