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Boom. The explosion again. Wahlberg holds his face. People run around the really fake set pretending to be emergency response units. Teresa and Wahlberg take this moment to flirt again. Fearless walks across the street to Solonick -- who's apparently been standing right there since he blew up the building -- and threatens to kill him. Hey, just check them for the big black box with the red button on it. Wahlberg pulls Fearless back and whispers, "Nice job, partner. Nice job."

Instead of making us think for a second that Katrina and Lara are dead, Fearless immediately drives home to his motel room and sees them. They're hiding in his motel room. That's not an obvious place to hide them, now, is it? Not one car is in the parking lot, so that's not obvious, either. Lara hugs Fearless and asks if he wants to play Go Fish with her. Katrina tells her it's time for bed. Lara begs for one more story. Fearless touches his door's lock, but it's already locked. He holds still until the director yells "Cut."

Fearless walks back from some other room -- as if this motel suddenly has suites -- and says that Lara wouldn't go to sleep unless he told stories. Katrina apologizes to Fearless, who says he likes telling stories. Are they sleeping together? Fearless tells Katrina that there was a bomb at the restaurant tonight, and that Solonick did it, so the cops made it look like Lara and Katrina had died in the explosion. Katrina's just now learning this? Why did they think they were hiding out in the motel before? Katrina says she changes her mind about this every five minutes. Fearless says it's okay, and that she can still say no at any time. "Thank you, my friend," Katrina says Russianly. The sad Russian music kicks in as Fearless slowly, slowly, slowly turns his head to the closet to see Freaktown giving a salute. For some reason, this does not alarm Katrina at all -- this man seeing visions and suddenly zoning out every once in a while. Fearless decides to tell Katrina all about Freaktown, and about the time he promised someone he'd keep him alive, but he let him down. Good idea.

Flashback, flashback of Freaktown telling Fearless he's got to keep a list of things he wants to do before he dies. Here's a tip: whatever you assume they'd say in this scene, that's exactly what they say. Freaktown points to the right side of the tent and announces that those are the People Who Think Scuds Are Powerful Roaches. Now, if I'd been recapping this show for more than six episodes, I'd be pretty sure this next moment is a shout-out: Freaktown begins to dance and sing "I Can See Clearly Now." It's the song the nurse sang to my mother after thirty-six hours of labor when my head came out. But this show wouldn't possibly be giving me a shout-out, but I'm starting to realize how my mother must have felt when she heard this song, since it feels like I've been recapping this episode my entire life -- this horrible, painful experience that really isn't ever going to end, is it? At one point, Fearless looks right into the camera and gives us a "Dig this cat?" look. Oh, man. People, we've got to go!

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