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Credits. I'm annoyed that they don't follow the practice of The Mole and remove the dismissed recruits from the opening credits. It certainly makes things less confusing. I guess their budget wasn't big enough to pay for new credits every week.

Last week on Boot Camp: the drill instructors yelled a lot. The recruits got their hair cut and had to do hard physical labor. Recruit Haar managed to finish the mile and a half run, even though everyone thought she wouldn't. If, by everyone, you mean "people who have never watched a reality show before and aren't familiar with the emotional manipulation they entail." Park said that he didn't think Haar would make it because she pulled a groin muscle. It's ironic in retrospect that Park thought someone else would be dismissed. Katherine dropped out after about ten minutes. Wolf led the first mission, which was a success, but the men and the women fought. Wolf, Park, Jackson, and Moretti joined forces to try to oust Meyer. To combat that, Meyer made a teary (and completely insincere) speech about how hard he was trying. Meyer managed to escape dismissal by one vote, and Park was the one to say goodbye.

Day Five. 6:00 AM Wake Up. Recruit "Who?" Coddington is on guard duty as DI "Don't Call Me Mrs." Taylor approaches. DI Taylor reproaches Coddington for not saying, "Good morning, ma'am!" and Coddington corrects the problem. DI Taylor wakes the female recruits, but orders Haar to "stay in the rack." DI "San" Francisco and DI "Bad Cop" McSweeney awaken the male recruits. DI McSweeney harangues Recruit "Old Man" Lauder. DI Taylor gives the women fifteen seconds to get dressed. DI Francisco forces Recruit "Poodle Balloon" Yaney to get back in the rack, and pretend to sleep while the DI covers him up and teases him about his inability to do something correctly. I'm not sure why Yaney is the target this time, but do we need a reason, really? It's just funny to see Yaney stiffly pretending to sleep while the DI tucks him into his bed. Two recruits -- Wolf and Lauder maybe? -- make their beds without being asked, and DI McSweeney approves. Yaney is finally allowed to get up, and he runs over to his locker, forgetting that DI Francisco threw his uniform on the floor. So then he has to turn around and get his uniform. He's such a screw-up. But a lovable one. Like Urkel or something. Except not scary or annoying.

Over in the women's bunk, Coddington is helping Recruit "Don't Make Me Think About Her Groin" Haar into her clothes. DI McSweeney appears and asks whether Haar is any better today. Haar says that the pain medication is helping. DI McSweeney says that he doesn't "speak Midwest." He goes on to say that he asked if she was getting better, and makes the analogy that if his arm got blown off, and he got morphine, the medication might help but it wouldn't bring his arm back. I think DI McSweeney has seen a few too many war movies. Haar answers that she thinks she's getting better. In an interview, Haar says that it's frustrating because everyone is looking at her and thinking that she's a cripple. She even told the others that they could call her Recruit Cripple, because that's what she is. Well, at least she's honest about it. I can't fault her attitude.

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