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Sunset. No crying Hutak this time, though.

Night Six. Fire Pit. 9:00 PM. The recruits hang out around a campfire and talk. Someone asks everyone why they wanted to come to boot camp. Moretty talks about how her husband is in the military, and so this was a chance to put the "shoe on the other foot." Haar says that she has no discipline. Everyone laughs. Moretti says that he thinks "rolling around with pigs" takes discipline. Haar tells a long story about pigs and everyone laughs. Brown speaks up next, saying that she always wanted to go to boot camp, but she's not allowed to because she's gay. The editors do everything but insert the "needle scratching along the record" noise at that revelation, and if they could have borrowed the sound effect from Ally McBeal, I'll bet they would have. In an interview, Yaney says that it was shocking the way Brown said it. In an interview, Wolf says that he thinks Brown was strong for coming out, but that she did it more for herself, because it was awkward for everyone else. Whatever, Wolf. Go back to loving your guy friends a little too much, why don’t you? Brown tells everyone that it's a big deal to her to be at boot camp and be able to talk about her sexuality. In an interview, Haar says that she had no idea Brown was gay, even though she was "bunking right beside her." No offense, Haar, but I think if Brown was going to be attracted to one of her bunkmates, it wouldn't be you. I'm just saying. Brown is cute, though. DI McSweeney comes into the female barracks and issues the command for them all to fall into bed and then slap their cots in unison. It's like synchronized sleeping or something.

Day Seven. Mission Training. They have to go across some monkey bars. Jackson, Yaney, Coddington, and Brown all get across with little problem. Recruit "Mr. Lemon" Thomson is another story. He only makes it across about two bars before falling. Hutak makes it across easily. As Meyer steps up, some text appears on the screen that says, "Meyer's New Strategy." In an interview, Meyer explains that he was worried that if he did poorly, and people could see that he was in good shape, they would vote him out. So, now Meyer is going to be "Mr. Military whatever because that's the tone right now." He's not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Meyer gets across the bars and is called over by DI Francisco. When asked why he didn't do any pull-ups earlier, Meyer states that he wasn't motivated. In an interview, Moretty says that Meyer has "turned himself around," even though "he's kind of, like, scatterbrained a little bit." In an interview, Wolf says that "Meyers" is no longer the weak link. Meyer tells DI Francisco that he improved because of "the drill instructors and the support of my squad, sir!" In an interview, Meyer says that the DIs all love him, and the guys love him, and the girls love him, so he's "set!" I wonder how long this newfound effort will last?

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Boot Camp




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