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The recruits are driven in trucks to the drop-off location. In the truck, Hutak yells that she "can't afford for Pupo and Haar to slow [them] down." Her solution is to post them in one location and tell them not to move. I don't know if Thomson is there, or in the hospital, or what. They all have camouflage makeup on, and it's dark, so it's hard to tell who is who. As the recruits arrive, some on-screen text informs us that the reward for success is a beach party, and that Hutak will get amnesty. The punishment for failure is "extreme physical training" and no amnesty for Hutak. The squad finds the sewer entrance and Pupo and Haar settle in. Meyer and Jackson take off, looking for the entrance to City Hall. I would be so claustrophobic in those sewer pipes, which is reason #832 why I could not be on this show. They're so small that the recruits have to crouch while walking. The squad finds the City Hall exit with just less than fifty minutes remaining. Hutak pulls out the map and everyone talks at once, trying to figure out what the next move should be. In an interview, Hutak says that it's tough getting the men to listen to her, so she approaches it like they are "all working together," and not like she's "the boss running the show." While I admire her approach, I think in a mission like this you need more of a central leader. Take suggestions, sure, but her approach is going to lead to a lot of standing around talking and there's no time for that.

The squad exits the sewer and climbs in the window at City Hall. Meyer runs around the building, looking for the serum, and finally finds it on the roof. It's frozen into a block of ice. He reads the instructions over his radio to the others. They need to measure out exactly four hundred milliliters of the solution and combine it with the tablets, which are in the medical building, two doors down. There are less than thirty minutes left. Hutak asks Meyer if the tablets and serum can be separate, and I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. Meyer says that they need both to win the mission.

In an interview, Brown says that Hutak became like a "deer in the headlights" and had a blank look in her eyes every time you asked her a question. Ten minutes later, Jackson, Moretti, and Brown are looking in City Hall for Meyer. Why can't he radio them to tell them where he is? I don't understand this mission at all. They seem frustrated with Hutak at this point. In an interview, Jackson says that Hutak lacks "the ability to make a quick decision." Hutak gets the direction to the building with the tablets again. Meyer tells her that Jackson, Brown, and Wolf have arrived on the roof. Hutak goes to search the medical building. I don't know what they were all doing in the fifteen minutes or so since Meyer found the serum. With about nine minutes left, Hutak and two others enter the medical building. Meyer uses a blowtorch to melt the ice and get the serum out. Brown radios to Hutak that they are making their way out of the building with the serum. Jackson, Wolf, and Brown get back into the sewer entrance to wait for the tablets. With a little over three minutes left, the others are still looking for the tablets. Brown radios to ask where everyone is. With ten seconds left, Hutak finds the tablets in a ceiling panel. This is kind of like that challenge on the first season of Survivor where they had to go into the darkened building and find stuff. Remember that one? The remaining squad members grab the tablets and run for the sewer entrance, but time runs out before they get there. They failed the mission. Maybe it would have helped if they had any idea how much time was left -- they're still running, so I guess they have no idea that time has run out. Back in the sewer, Wolf and Jackson agree that Hutak didn't do anything on this mission. Well, she found the tablets. Just a little late. In an interview, Wolf says that he thinks people appreciate his leadership more now that they have something to compare it with. In an interview, Hutak says that she's "bummed" about losing the mission, but she's "not going to cry over it."

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