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Final Four

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Final Four

Last week: Jackson developed a nasty attitude. As part of that development, Jackson was all bossy on the mission, but they were successful anyway. Moretty got amnesty. There was a lot of backstabbing and double-crosses among both the women and the men. The women ended up voting Jackson off. After vowing allegiance to his fellow males, Moretti voted for Jackson also. In another twist, Wolf voted for Moretti. Jackson took Brown with him.

Night Twenty-Five. 10 PM. Fire Pit. Whitlow says she's sad to see Jackson go. Moretty notes that everyone has to go. Moretti says that he felt he couldn't trust Jackson anymore. In an interview, Wolf says that none of them are innocent, and reminds us (even though we saw it seconds ago) that Moretti claimed he would never vote for Jackson. In an interview, Moretti says that he took a chance on voting for Jackson and it worked out. In an interview, Wolf says that it was shocking to find out that Moretti voted for Jackson, and now he knows that it's possible Moretti would vote for him, too. At the fire pit, Moretti notes (with no trace of sarcasm, although there should be) that it would be easier if people were honest. Whitlow philosophizes that it's hard for some people to be honest. Moretti says that this is the first time he doesn't feel good after voting.

Day Twenty-Six. 6 AM. Wake Up. A heavy guitar plays as all four drill instructors appear, as if out of nowhere, in front of the barracks. Dude, that was cool. Much yelling and tossing of garbage cans ensues. At one point, DI McSweeney is jumping on a bed, counting, while Wolf and Moretti try to make the bed next to him. More garbage can tossing. DI Rosenbum gets right in Moretti's face and yells something about the final four. In an interview, DI Francisco explains that it's time to "push the limits a little bit. Time to mess with some sleep. Time to be cold." Moretti jogs in place as DI Rosenbum tells him that it's not fast enough. DI Rosenbum whips a garbage can lid across the room like a Frisbee. That was cool. At one point, I think Wolf has his pants on over his head or something. I have no idea what that was all about. Moretti and Wolf exit the barracks and end up in the bathroom. Moretti looks to be in a lot of pain, as he complains that he can't breathe. Oh no, another medical discharge?

6:30 AM. Morning Chow. DI Rosenbum makes the recruits line up in front of him. He informs the group, "The mess hall is now closed." Instead, they will eat MREs until the next dismissal. They each get to pick three MREs out of a bag. In an interview, DI Rosenbum explains that MRE means "Meal Ready to Eat," and that it's basically a meal vacuum-sealed in a bag. He notes that sometimes they taste bad, and sometimes they taste good, depending on when your last meal was. I already told my own personal experience with MREs, so I have nothing to add here. In an interview, Moretty explains that they had a terrible morning, and that they all look forward to chow as a moment to relax, but this time there was nothing. DI Rosenbum reminds them that they have to ration their MREs until the next dismissal. So they get three MREs for three days. What is this, Survivor?

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