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Final Four

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Final Four

The squad reaches checkpoint three. Whitlow reads about the sand rails. Hey we used to do that in gym class! Basically, they are long planks. Everyone stands single file and puts their right foot on one plank and their left foot on the other. Then they have to walk. It's kind of like tandem cross-country skiing. Anyway, it's harder than it looks, mostly because if one person is late in lifting his foot, it all goes to hell. They make it across with just over twenty minutes remaining, and it's still a mile to the military installation.

They reach the military installation, where they have to retrieve four hidden glow sticks. There are just over five minutes remaining. Whitlow tells everyone where to go. Moretty finds a glow stick. Wolf finds the second glow stick. Moretty finds the third glow stick. Whitlow uses her radio to coordinate their efforts. Dude, this has to be more than five minutes. Wolf finds the last glow stick and they all take off running for the Hummer. They reach it with almost exactly one minute remaining, and the mission is successful. In an interview, Whitlow says that she didn't want to get too excited about getting a free pass to The Gauntlet while she was still with the team. While they are all sitting in the truck, Wolf congratulates Whitlow. In an interview, Wolf says that he "single-handedly" earned Whitlow amnesty. He says "single-handedly" a few more times and then says that he won't tell the squad that, but they know it. I thought Whitlow did a fine job. In an interview, Whitlow says that they used Wolf's skills, but that he wasn't "single-handedly" responsible. DI Rosenbum congratulates the squad and tells them it's time for the Ritz. Yeah!

Night Twenty-Seven. 11:30 PM. Ritz Arrival. The recruits roll up in a Hummer. Whitlow asks the others what they'd want, if they could only have one thing. Moretti says that he only wants food. Heh. It's kind of funny to see the recruits in their face paint and gear walking into the luxury hotel. They enter their suite and ooh and ahh. Just as they start to get all excited, DIs Rosenbum and McSweeney walk in from the balcony and start ordering them around. Hee! DI McSweeney tells them to sound off with class, because they're in a classy hotel. He starts rattling off the rules. They can't leave their room. There are no televisions, radios, or telephones. Also, they can't eat any good hotel room service -- they have to eat their MREs. That's so wrong. Moretti looks in the refrigerator in case there is more food in there. DI McSweeney yells at someone to close the door and Moretty slams it right in his face and then giggles to herself. Moretti says that he would have rather had crackers. Whitlow flexes in the mirror and says she feels like her big brother. And man -- she has some serious biceps. Moretty thinks the room is great, but Moretti complains about the lack of food. He points out that he's eating peanut butter on crackers for dinner. Wolf bitches that he wanted to stay up, chat, and eat, but now he just wants to go to bed. Whitlow, who is by herself, says that she doesn't want to join the others because they are whining and acting negative. Wolf says that everyone is in "a somber little mood." Ingrates. You'd think they'd be psyched just to get to sleep in a real bad and take a nice relaxing shower.

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