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Meet The Recruits

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Meet The Recruits

Recruit Wolf rejoins his squad. He tells them that they have "a long friggin' hike through the woods and we have to carry a friggin' Zodiac, from friggin' here, to friggin' here." Do you think the DIs are rubbing off on him or what? In an interview, Recruit Jackson reveals that there are four male recruits that are close -- him, Park, Wolf, and Moretti. In an interview, Park says that the four of them know that they are on the same page. The squad assembles and Wolf reminds them that he is the leader and they should only follow what he says.

The squad piles into two Zodiacs (the inflatable boats mentioned earlier) and start paddling across the water. As they paddle, some on-screen text informs us that their reward for success will be one extra hour of sleep, and Recruit Wolf gets amnesty from being voted off. If they fail, their punishment will be to lose an hour of sleep (just like what happens when we turn the clocks ahead this weekend!) and Recruit Wolf is fair game to be discharged. The two boats arrive at the other side of the water. Now the recruits have to carry the Zodiacs, which some on-screen text informs us, weigh four hundred forty pounds each and are twelve feet long. Recruit Wolf demonstrates how he wants them to carry the boats. There's a lot of squabbling over carrying the Zodiacs. Recruit Brown encourages them to "listen to each other." In an interview, Recruit Brown says that the women got really angry, and had a problem with Park and Jackson telling everyone what to do. Park orders Lauder to get in front of him.

The squads reach a wooden wall that they have to get over with the Zodiacs. After a few people scramble over, Wolf orders them to stop for some reason. Recruits Brown and Park argue on the top of the wall about how Brown should get down. I don't see what the problem is. She doesn't want to get down. He's yelling at her. I guess she's just mad that he's yelling all the time, but it's a military mission. She finally slides down. In an interview, Recruit Park says that the women were mad that the men took charge, and he thinks it was just because most men are stronger than most women. Well, that's true, but I can see why the women would be annoyed if the men were just bossing them around all the time and not listening to what they had to say. Recruit Brown tells Recruit Jackson that he and Park are ordering people around too much. Okay, they only have four hours here and they're taking time out to discuss this now? Can't it wait until afterwards? Recruit Park says that he's skating on thin ice with the women, and he has some smoothing over to do. The squads get back in the boats and spot Point Glory. The music tries to build up suspense, but since we have no idea how much time has elapsed, we don't know if they are close to succeeding or not. Everyone rows.

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Boot Camp




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