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Meet The Recruits

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Meet The Recruits

One of the DIs sets off a flare, and the squad rows over to him. Recruit Wolf tells them to bring the boat in. DI Francisco informs them that they finished in two hours and twenty-seven minutes, so they win. Dude, that wasn't even close! Maybe they gave them an easy one the first time. Everyone celebrates. In an interview, Recruit Wolf says, "I proved to the squad that pre-boot camp: pretty boy. Post-boot camp: disciplined and ready to play the game." Wow. I hate to say this, but Wolf? Not a pretty boy. Not at all. ["Word." -- niki] DI Francisco tells them that Recruit Wolf has amnesty now. In an interview, Recruit Wolf says that they all understand that he's a leader, and none of them had a complaint. Clearly, he hasn't talked to the women. Recruit Whitlow says that she and most of the women felt left out when carrying the boats. Recruit Hutak says that there are a lot of strong women in the squad, both mentally and physically, and she thinks that the women could have carried the boats just fine.

8:00 PM. Sixty-second phone calls. The recruits talk to their family and friends as quickly as possible. Recruit Thomson says, "Every day's a good day when you're Dave Thomson." I hate him too. Him and Meyer. I hate them. Recruit Yaney talks to his mom, who asks if he's eating well. Heh. Afterwards, Yaney wonders why he called his mother. Recruit Lauder gets an answering machine, and hangs up, but he doesn't get another call. Recruit Moretty (the chick) talks to her kids. In an interview, she cries a little bit because she misses her kids. Recruit Moretti (the guy) tells his wife that it's going to be good. In an interview, Recruit Moretti talks about how he "didn't go to away college" and he's never spent more than a day away from his wife. "Away college" made me laugh. What is with the people named Moretti missing their families? Moretti cries a little bit. Hey, they've had a tough day. I can't blame them for crying. Moretti concludes his call without telling his wife about his new pal, McSweeney. DI Rosenbum stops him and asks why he's getting all emotional. Moretti replies, "Because I love my wife, sir!" Aw. I'm so easily manipulated by these stupid television shows.

Day Four. 8:30 AM. Haar to Medic. Recruit Haar walks painfully to the medic. In an interview, she explains that she pushed herself too hard. In an interview, Recruit Park says that he doesn't think Haar's going to make it too much further. This is funnier on second viewing, and that's all I'll say about that. Anyway, Haar apparently pulled her groin. We see her painfully pulling her leg up in order to put on her socks. Haar explains that she doesn't want to quit or give up. Go, Haar!

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Boot Camp




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