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Meet The Recruits

Day Four. 7:00 PM. Dismissal Hill. DI Francisco tells the assembled squad that Recruit Katherine was "voluntarily discharged," so tonight they will only dismiss one person, instead of the customary two. I was wondering how they would handle that. DI Francisco reminds them that Wolf, as the squad leader, has amnesty. DI Rosenbum walks among them, informing them that soon they will have the opportunity to vote out one of their own. He asks Recruit Haar if it will be her. She says she's given her "heart and soul." DI Rosenbum asks Meyer to tell them why he should stay. Meyer says he's "improved tremendously," and will continue to be a top recruit. Park rolls his eyes. DI Francisco calls them up individually to cast their votes. The voting music is very Survivor-esque. Someone votes for Park. Meyer votes for Park. Someone votes for Meyer. Recruit Wolf addresses the squad, saying that while many people claim to make improvements, someone has to go. It's a grueling process, and "without the strongest survivors, the weak links will bring us down as a squad." Survivor? Weakest Link? Is this a contest to see how many other reality shows he can reference? Wolf finishes his speech and votes for Meyer. The sun sets.

Some time later, DI Francisco instructs DI Rosenbum to deliver the dismissed recruit. DI Rosenbum throws me a kiss and then walks among the squad. He asks Meyer if it will be him, and I pray, "Oh please, oh please, oh please!" Meyer says he's trying his hardest. DI Rosenbum moves on to Recruit Park, who says it won't be him because he's "giving one hundred and ten percent." My boyfriend points out that all the other recruits have as well. DI Rosenbum walks back to Meyer and whispers in his ear to "guess what." Meyer refuses to guess. DI Rosenbum leaves him and walks back over to Park, informing him that he has been dismissed. Park's face is expressionless. DI Rosenbum instructs everyone who voted for Park to take a step forward. The votes are Moretty (the chick), Hutek, Coddington, Pupo (who?), Brown, Thomson, and Meyer. Then we get to see whom the other people voted for. Lauder, Park, Wolf, Jackson, Moretti (the guy), and Whitlow voted for Meyer. Interesting that Whitlow broke ranks with the other women. Haar voted for Pupo. Yaney voted for Jackson. So Meyer only lost by one vote -- if Haar or Yaney had voted for him, he would have been out. So close! The squad is dismissed.

Next week: Meyer's manipulations continue -- he pretends to injure his shoulder to get out of doing exercises. Yaney tells us that someone "dropped the bomb" that she's a lesbian. Haar didn't know that this woman is a lesbian, even though she's been bunking right next to her the whole time. Yeah, because she wasn't wearing her regulation-issue lesbian pajamas. Moretty says that DI McSweeney is "so evil," and she doesn't even think his mother loves him. Ha! This show is hilarious.

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