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Meet The Recruits

Over in the male barracks, Recruit Meyer is causing trouble again. In an interview, Meyer says that they "have the chance of being paid to just hang out and have fun and screw around and have fun." Did he sign up for a different show? Because I haven't seen much hanging out or screwing around thus far. Meyer complains that the others want to do drills and such during free time, and he's not getting to know anyone. Yeah, because I'm sure he's all about getting to know people. He's just a lazy punk. Freakin' Meyer. As the recruits file out of the their barracks, DI Francisco stops Meyer and yells at him for the gap between him and the guy in front of him. DI Francisco promises that as soon as they are done, Meyer will be going "in the dirt. IN THE DIIIIIIIIIRT!" I, for one, can't wait.

Title: Recruit Katherine Goes to Sick Bay. DI Taylor informs Recruit Katherine that the nurse will decide Katherine's fate. A nurse leads Recruit Katherine into the room. While Katherine gets her blood pressure taken, DI Taylor asks her if she still wants to be in boot camp. Katherine doesn't answer. DI Taylor tells her that it's a yes or no answer. Katherine kind of smiles to herself and says, "No, ma'am." Recruit Katherine says that she doesn't feel well. DI Taylor looks disappointed. Katherine lies on a cot, sleeping.

Title: Recruit Katherine Quits. DI Rosenbum calls the recruits to attention and then informs them that they will be formally discharging Recruit Katherine. It's 5:30 PM. She didn't even make it for twelve hours. Recruit Katherine stands in front of the other recruits. DI Rosenbum makes sure that she understands that she can't participate any longer, or win the money, and then gives her an opportunity to address her former squad. Recruit Katherine thanks him and says, "My mistake is not in leaving. My mistake actually was in coming because this is a little bit too much for me." She goes on to say that she was only doing it for the money, and she's learned that money is not everything. She wishes them all luck. DI Rosenbum tells her that she is formally discharged. DI Taylor leads her out. In an interview, DI Taylor says that it's always difficult losing a recruit, and she often feels that they are doing themselves an injustice because later in training, they become better people.

Night One. 7:30 PM. Female Barracks. DI Taylor yells at the recruits that they're going to have a discharge ceremony because that recruit "couldn't hack it." The female recruits stuff Katherine's clothes in a box and turn her locker inwards, because DI Taylor doesn't want to be able to see the name on it. In an interview, Recruit Haar says, "people should have more gump in their gut, instead of being so weak." Word, Recruit Haar. Recruit Moretty says that perhaps Recruit Katherine shouldn't have come at all and let someone else have her spot. At the risk of sounding repetitive: Word, Recruit Moretty. The female recruits stand at attention at the end of their bunks as DI Taylor says that's what happens to people who just came for the money, and wonders who is next. Who, indeed?

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Boot Camp




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