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Meet The Recruits

10:30 PM. Meyer Punished. Aw, yeah. Rosenbum makes him do jumping jacks. In an interview, Recruit Park says that Meyer is the only one he's had trouble with. In an interview, Recruit Brown says that Meyer is not taking anything seriously and is exhausting everyone, and he doesn't want to try to do it. DI Rosenbum is now making Meyer do push-ups. In an interview, Recruit Whitlow says that Meyer "is not hearing T-E-A-M. And he's not every trying." Now it's time for Recruit Meyer to defend himself. In an interview, he says that everyone is taking it too seriously, and it's not real. He says, "Everyone's just playing their stupid game of let's be, you know, whatever, but it's not…it's just retarded." I hate him so much. DI Rosenbum tells him that he needs to get with the program because it will affect the rest of the team. In the barracks, Meyer and Park get in a little fight. In an interview, Recruit Thomson (he of the can-do attitude and stuffed lemon) says that people didn't like Meyer, and so he told Meyer to do something dramatic or he would lose. Cut to Thomson and Meyer whispering outside the barracks. Thomson tells Meyer that nobody likes him. Cut to interview with Meyer saying that Thomson told him everyone was going to boot him off. He says it in a singsong fashion that makes me think he doesn't think much of Thomson. Of course, I don't think he thinks much of anyone but himself. Cut back to Thomson whispering to Meyer that they had him picked out from the beginning. Cut to Thomson in an interview saying that Meyer had to get everyone together at breakfast and give a speech and "pull tears, pull whatever he had to do to get everyone not to vote for him. Win the girls over with the speech." Cut to Thomson whispering to Meyer to "be scared tomorrow, be teary-eyed." Meyer thanks Thomson and they head back inside. Ooh, the intrigue!

Day Two. 5:00 AM. Wake-Up Call. See, this is the most inhumane part to me. That's just not right. The DIs run through the barracks beating on garbage cans and screaming at the recruits to get up. In an interview, Recruit Yaney says that you wake up an hour before you're supposed to and stare at the ceiling, waiting for the DIs to show up. They brush their teeth as DI Rosenbum says to Thomson, "That thing goes in the pisser, you're going in with it."

Title: First Squad Leader. Selected at Random. DI Francisco informs them that they'll pick a dog tag out of a hat to find the first squad leader. Recruit Wolf is chosen. Everyone is sounding a little hoarse from all the yelling. The rest of the recruits return to their barracks while DI Francisco tells Recruit Wolf that he will be given assigned tasks throughout the day and will need to delegate tasks to the squad.

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Boot Camp




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