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MOTH And Other Acronyms

I guess because the show is on a different night this week (and what, FOX couldn't reschedule the Billboard Awards, because they're just that damn important?), we get a quick explanation of what the show is all about and what has happened thus far. Sixteen people. Boot camp. A leader is elected to lead them on weekly combat missions. If they succeed in the mission, the leader gets amnesty, because each week, they vote one recruit off. That person gets to pick another recruit to take along. They do a lot of exercise. The drill instructors yell a lot. They're half-naked a lot of the time. Drill Instructor Rosenbum should keep his hat on, because with his goofy haircut, he looks like Robert DeNiro in Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Last week: The recruits grew stronger. Hutak was elected squad leader, but they failed the mission. Some of the recruits felt the failure was Hutak's fault. No one was surprised, shocked, or bothered by Brown admitting that she is a lesbian. Thomson was sidelined with a "mysterious medical condition." Yeah, high blood pressure. How is that mysterious? Meyer had a change in strategy, in that he actually decided to participate. Haar had a groin injury that kept her out for four days, which got some people thinking that she needed to go. Pupo pissed people off. Haar was ultimately voted off, and she took Pupo with her because of her bad attitude. Now there are a "dirty dozen" left.

Day Nine. 6:00 AM Wake-Up Call. It's still dark outside as DI Francisco wakes up the male recruits. DI Taylor wakes up the female recruits. The men scramble around looking for their clothes while the women seem to have the whole waking up routine down to a science. Hutak looks like a chipmunk because her face is so puffy from sleep. In an interview, Yaney says that the women are stronger than the guys, "as far as, they got their act together." Do you get the feeling that Yaney hangs out with the women a lot more anyway? And can you blame him really? Who would you rather hang out with -- Whitlow or Wolf? The women help each other get into their uniforms quickly. Brown tosses Hutak her hat. Now that's teamwork. In an interview, Hutak says that the men have "a lot of pride" as well as "a lot of conflict." Over in the men's barracks, DI Francisco wonders why they haven't learned to "pre-stage [their] gear by now so that it's all ready to go." Yaney struggles to get his shirt on. In an interview, Jackson says, "If the game becomes gender-based, the women will win because they can get it together." Did you get that now? The women have it together. Nothing interesting must have happened this week, with all the filler they're throwing at us.

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