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The Gauntlet, Part II

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The Gauntlet, Part II

Same intro as last week, explaining that Whitlow and Wolf have "entered the gauntlet, a forty-eight-hour marathon, where they compete for thirteen sets of dog tags, belonging to their fallen squad members." Stage one is a series of seven physical and mental challenges. Stage two brings back the six recruits who were discharged, and they each vote for the recruit they think should win. We're reminded that those recruits are Pupo, Thomson, Hutak, Yaney, Brown, and Moretty. The winner gets $500,000. Got all that? It doesn't really matter, because they'll repeat it, oh, about a million times in the next hour.

Last week: Whitlow and Wolf were drained by the first set of events. Wolf won the "stand on a platform longer" challenge dedicated to Lauder, and said that it "took everything [he] could ever muster." Whitlow beat her personal best time in the mile-and-a-half run to earn Haar's dog tags and even the score. Wolf then won the rappelling challenge named for Park, and the memory test named for Moretti. Yaney told us that Whitlow and Wolf "were in cahoots from the beginning." Moretty thought that Wolf "was openly a weasel, and [Whitlow] was a weasel in disguise." Tonight, they have three more events, and then the voting. Wolf is in the lead, three to one.

Day Thirty. The Gauntlet: Event Five. Meyer's March. 8:00 AM. Ominous music plays as we see sweeping overhead shots of the camp. It's thirty-two hours into The Gauntlet. Wolf and Whitlow put on their fatigues. Whitlow says, "Just remember to breathe." I don't know if she was talking to Wolf, or herself. Wolf replies, "Yeah, Whitlow, I'll be honest with you. I can't believe they're making us do this." That may mark the first time Wolf was honest to a fellow recruit. They discuss how many events they have left, and express dismay.

DI McSweeney tells the recruits that the next event is named after Recruit Meyer, who "didn't know if he was coming or going." DI McSweeney voice-overs that they will each march ten miles, each carrying weights in their packs equivalent to twenty percent of their body weight. They will be deployed ten miles "apaahhht." They'll pass each other once, and they won't find out who won until Dismissal Hill. This is like one of those SAT questions. If two recruits leave a point ten miles apart, and have to travel ten miles each, when will they pass each other? And why should I care? Wolf voice-overs that he's not done yet, and that he still has more in him. They've gone forty-nine hours without sleep. Whitlow voice-overs that she and Wolf are both pretty beat up, but they don't want to admit it to each other. DI Taylor voice-overs that when they passed each other, you could see Whitlow's determination to "perk it up" to show Wolf that she was still in it. Whitlow does a little skip and wave to Wolf as they pass. DI McSweeney rambles on and on that each recruit is wondering how fast the other is going, and it pushes them on. Wolf voice-overs that the thirty pounds in his pack (he only weighs 150 pounds?) is "kicking [his] butt, but you can't think about it." Whitlow voice-overs that she was thinking about how to make the walk "a little bit shorter." I think she must be looking for a shortcut, but instead she starts singing a song about boot camp. Wolf voice-overs that the end of the walk looked like "an oasis." Wolf semi-sprints to the finish for a time of 2:04:31. Whitlow sprints to the end for a time of 2:13:04, so Wolf gets Meyer's dog tags, although he won't find that out until Dismissal Hill. We're reminded that the first recruit with seven tags wins, and that Wolf currently has four to Whitlow's one.

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