Boot Camp
The Gauntlet, Part II

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The Gauntlet, Part II

DI Francisco reminds us that whomever Yaney votes for will win boot camp, and $500,000. Wolf voice-overs that he's counting on Yaney, because they were bunkmates. Yaney takes the podium and says, "I can't get a break." Whitlow cracks up. Yaney says that he used to be afraid of heights -- or, more accurately, afraid of falling. At boot camp, he learned courage. After all they went through, it's tough for him to tell one of them that he or she is not going to win. Yaney says that they both mean a lot to him, and that it's not personal, but part of the game. He's not voting for "the best recruit or the most improved recruit," but he's voting for one of the last two recruits. Yaney pauses. Wait, this is the cheesiest part. DI Francisco "says" that Recruit Yaney must reveal his final decision. But it was totally dubbed in afterward, because we didn't see Francisco say it, and Yaney didn't react at all. They wanted to make it out like Yaney paused for a really long time. You know, one of the reasons I liked this show is because they didn't pull manipulative crap like that. I'm disappointed that they resorted to editing trickery in the final episode. Yaney brings up the D-ring incident, and "not taking responsibility is going to cost somebody." Yaney votes for Whitlow.

Whitlow breaks into a smile and laughs. Wolf comes up behind her and gives her a hug. All the recruits come out and hug her. Yaney and Brown look happy. In an interview, Whitlow has cleaned up a lot and looks frighteningly like Carol from Ed, but a little less blonde. Also, she's wearing a really ugly gold necklace, and I hope that's not what she spent her reward money on. Whitlow says that she was excited to go home and crawl into a bed. Everyone hugs Whitlow. In an interview, Yaney has a lot of hair. He says he couldn't let Wolf win, because he didn't come forward. In an interview, Wolf has a lot of hair, and it's all slicked back, Pat Riley-style. Also, he has earrings in both ears. Hoops. Ew. Wolf says that "the group got persuaded by the ringleader, Brown." Bitter, much? Wolf says he doesn't care because he took six figures home.

DI Francisco dismisses all the recruits who didn't win. In an interview, Whitlow says that she "won as a person, as Jen Whitlow." She wins every challenge she takes on, and "it just happened to be that there was a nice chunk of change at the end." That's it? That's the end? I don't know. I was expecting something more, for some reason. Oh, well. Goodbye, DI Rosenbum! I will miss you! Call me!

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