Boot Camp
The Gauntlet, Part II

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The Gauntlet, Part II

That introduces the segments with the voters. Moretty says that she's going to decide at the last minute who to vote for. Thomson thinks that Whitlow and Wolf are the same person, so it's hard to decide who was worse. Hutak says that Wolf's "true colors came out, probably about halfway through," and that "the harness and the D-ring incident didn't shed a good light on him." So, now we know that the voters don't know what we know -- that Moretty was the one who lost her D-ring, not Wolf. That will be important later, so keep it in mind. Flashback to Yaney doing pushups as punishment for the squad losing the equipment. DI Rosenbum explains that Moretty handed her D-ring to Wolf, who put it down in the tunnel because he had other things going on. When they exited the tunnels, there was a lot of confusion and Moretty grabbed Wolf's harness. Wolf grabbed Yaney's harness. Yaney had no harness. Moretty's harness was left in the tunnel. DI Rosenbum says that everyone is pointing the finger at Wolf, but "Moretty, Yaney, and Wolf, all share some responsibility." That's true, but it's not exactly the story they gave us when it happened. I sense some revisionism going on. Whitlow asks Wolf whether he's going back to school after boot camp, and he says that if he wins half a million dollars, he thinks it's okay to take a semester off. I wish they had done an interview where the people told us what they would do with the money. Like we know Jackson wanted to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring. What would Wolf and Whitlow do?

Day Thirty. The Gauntlet: Event Seven. Coddington's Crossing. 5:00 PM. If this sounds familiar, you're not crazy. They did this event once in last week's episode to set a base time. Now, they each have to beat their own time to win. Wolf voice-overs that he feels great, and that he doesn't know if it's adrenaline, but he can't wait to finish this event. They've now gone for fifty-eight hours without sleep. That's just wrong. I'm surprised that they're not hallucinating. Think about that. I've pulled all-nighters in my day, but fifty-eight hours with no sleep and they're doing all this physical activity on top of it? No, thanks. Wolf puts on his shirt, exposing his well-defined abs. Well, they are. Whitlow says that she's going to go as fast as she can, because she's going against her own time. This is the only remaining set of dog tags over which she has any control. Wolf and Whitlow warm up. Wolf tells Whitlow not to get injured (is he psyching her out?) and they'll "be on the hill, proud two recruits." It's forty-three degrees out. Whitlow's teeth are chattering. DI McSweeney explains the event, which we already know, and then signals the start.

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