Boot Camp
The Gauntlet, Part II

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The Gauntlet, Part II

Brown is called up. Wolf voice-overs that Brown woke him up in the middle of the night one time, asking if he wanted to unite. It backfired, and Wolf hopes she doesn't take it out on him. She did? This is the first we've heard of this story. You don't introduce new information in the final scene! Brown dramatically says that she had a hard time making a choice between the final two. Brown thought that Wolf was arrogant, not confident. She didn't trust Whitlow, because of her eyes. Brown is kooky. After boot camp, Brown found a piece of paper, and she pulls it out now. She really is an actress. Brown reads, "There will never be an occasion to say 'I,' 'me,' or 'we.'" Brown feels that Wolf never gave up his individuality to improve the team, and this was exemplified by the D-ring incident. Brown pledges her dog tags to Whitlow. Wolf is ahead six to four. And it's time for more commercials.

Filler, filler, filler. You know, if they didn't have enough material to fill out an hour, it would have been more interesting to do a half hour showing who won, and a half hour reunion or interview show, telling us what the recruits are doing now. Now, it's time to find out who Thomson voted for. Wolf voice-overs that Thomson was "one of the guys," and he counts on Thomson's vote. Thomson says that boot camp seemed easier for him because, as he says, "I'm Dave Thomson. People like me." What is he talking about? He's loopy. Thomson got along with Wolf, even though they were on opposite sides of strategy. Thomson feels that Whitlow was very consistent, and he based his decision on consistency, so Whitlow got his dog tags. That makes the score Wolf six, Whitlow five.

Now we get to hear from Pupo. Whitlow voice-overs that Pupo will vote for Wolf, especially if she's heard what Whitlow said about her. Wolf thinks that since they are both from Philadelphia, Pupo will vote for him. Pupo gets up there and says that she's not surprised it came down to Whitlow and Wolf, since they "got cozy when [they] thought that no one else was looking." Pupo reminds them that "that pig farmer" said she wasn't a team player, and she was "absolutely correct." Pupo thinks there's no such thing as a team player. Wow. She's kind of a bitch. She's delivering this speech very smarmily. Pupo says she wasn't in the game long enough to get to know Wolf and Whitlow, but she has some observations. She tells Whitlow that the DIs were going to yell at them no matter what, so Pupo didn't bother working harder than necessary. She feels that it didn't do any of them any good to be a team player. Well, except that maybe she wouldn't have gotten discharged the first week. She seems to be conveniently forgetting that part. Pupo doesn't care who wins, so she flipped a coin and her tags go to Whitlow. Oh, whatever Greg. The score is now tied, six to six. Yaney looks nervous. DI Francisco reminds him that the fate of Wolf and Whitlow is in his hands. Well, not really. I mean, they all voted. It just so happened that Yaney revealed his vote last. Hey, guess what? It's time for more commercials.

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Boot Camp




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