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Why am I cursed to recap shows that repeat the premise at the beginning each week? First Dark Angel and now this. Oh, wait -- you mean that's about five less minutes that I have to recap? Forget I said anything.

Last week: Coddington spent some time at the medic, apparently because she's suffering from the brain fever. That's the only explanation I can think to explain why she took Yaney with her when she got voted off. Whitlow got hurt too, but pushed through the pain, and survived another week. Moretty lost it, screaming at the DIs, but didn't get any real punishment for it. Jackson led a failing mission, which resulted in the recruits undergoing physical punishment. A shirtless Jackson apologized to the ladies for the punishment, even though it wasn't really his fault. And -- yeeow! Shirtless Jackson. Rrrrow.

Day Twenty-One. 7:00 AM. Wakeup. It's foggy. Is that why they get to sleep in an hour later? McSweeney wakes up the ladies, and I can't think of a more annoying way to wake up than hearing McSweeney bleating, "Get on line right now. Get on line right now." Brown, in particular, looks bleary. I can't fault her, though -- how would you look if a camera was stuck in your face two seconds after you got up? I know that, in my case, it wouldn't be pretty.

In an interview, Moretty confesses that she wants to be squad leader this week, because if they succeed and she gets amnesty, it's an automatic in for the final four. Moretty thinks that others probably have the same plan. Can they be squad leader twice? That hasn't really been addressed. It hasn't happened yet, though. The squad gathers to pick a leader. In an interview, Whitlow says that her strategy is to fly under the radar. In an interview, Wolf says that "amnesty is essential," and that none of the remaining women have been squad leaders yet, while all of the men have. Moretty finishes up by telling us that, with so many people vying for the spot, there might be some tension.

8:00 AM. New Squad Leader. It looks like it has come down to Brown and Moretty. Wolf thinks they should examine each person's strengths and weaknesses. Moretty offers to flip a coin. Brown relents; she says that Moretty can go this time, and that she's "making a bet." Wolf asks what the bet is (duh!) and Brown responds that she's betting that she won't be leaving this week, and can be squad leader next time around, which would mean an automatic pass to the final two. In an interview, Brown says that she's "a real leader," but that she's been trying not to be too bossy, because bossy people don't last long on this show. Moretty takes her place in front of the squad and says that she hopes they have confidence in her "as a team leader." Jackson corrects her, "As a squad leader," like shut up, Jackson! This isn't really the military. Take a chill pill. Moretty encourages them not to be shy about telling her if she makes mistakes. In an interview, DI Francisco says that Moretty impresses him because she's "a house mom" and she came to boot camp to improve herself and be a role model for her kids. Oh, and probably also to win half a million dollars. Just guessing, there.

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