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Twists And Turns

7:00 PM. Female Barracks. Whitlow raises the subject of Jackson's little outburst at dinner. Brown agrees that Jackson is exaggerating the disparities in treatment by the DIs. In an interview, Brown says that Jackson is one of her favorite people, but that he's also one of the only guys left who won't vote her out. Ah, words to remember. Whitlow asks the other women whether they're sure that they want to vote for Jackson. Brown says she does, and then asks who they want to vote for -- her? The plot thickens.

8:15 PM. Female Bathroom. Moretty and Whitlow have their own private pow-wow. Moretty asks whom Whitlow thinks Jackson will take when they vote him off. Whitlow confides that she doesn't think they should vote for Jackson, because he won't pull Brown -- he'll pull one of them. In an interview, Whitlow says that she doesn't trust Brown, because she uses humor to get out of discussing situations. Whitlow plucks her eyebrows while Moretty worries that they're going to fail the mission, and that she'll be voted off. In an interview, Moretty chokes up as she says that Brown is her best friend there, but that it's in her best interest in the game to go with Whitlow, so she decided to vote for Brown.

8:30 PM. Firepit. Brown wonders why Whitlow and Moretty have been gone so long. Jackson says that they are plotting against the rest of the squad, but Brown thinks that they're plotting against her -- it's the first time she's been away from them. Moretty and Whitlow return. Brown asks Moretty whether they were plotting against her, and Moretty says, "Yeah!" Well, at least she's honest, even though Brown thinks she's kidding. In an interview, Moretty says that she doesn't like deliberately lying to Brown, and discusses the difference between a lie of omission and flat-out lying. Moretty is torn!

10:30 PM. Lights Out. DI McSweeney puts them to bed. In the male barracks, Wolf talks about how cold it is, and points out that he's sleeping with gloves on. The men discuss who they should vote for, and which woman is the most risky. In an interview, Jackson says that he has no idea what Whitlow is thinking. In an interview, Wolf says that he trusts Whitlow, and then he doesn't, and that they've both told others about their conversations with "put [them] at a stalemate in terms of loyalty." I'd like to point out now (and this will become even more obvious later) that Wolf is such an old woman about the gossip and subterfuge. Anyway, before they go to sleep, Jackson says that he needs to sleep on it, and that he will let the others know his thoughts later.

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