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Twists And Turns

Jackson reaches Checkpoint Two first, and reads the instructions on the Laser Labyrinth. Only one squad member can go through at a time, and any touching of the laser beams results in a time penalty. In an interview, Moretti says that everyone was upset with Jackson because he took over, and was condescending to everyone. Jackson explains his theory on how to cross the Laser Labyrinth, and there are only forty minutes left. As Jackson makes his way through, everyone yells out suggestions to him. In an interview, Wolf says that it's hard for him to be a follower, especially with Jackson trying to "be a hero." Wolf and Jackson are so having a pissing match. Jackson's not quite through the lasers with thirty minutes left. Finally, he reaches Checkpoint Three, and the other recruits make their way through the lasers, one at a time. No one hits a laser, so there are no time penalties. In an interview, Whitlow says that DI McSweeney was surprised that none of them touched a laser. Me too!

Now they have to free the hostage. They pick up the dummy and hoist him up to the roof. Moretty tells Jackson to do something. In an interview, Jackson complains that Moretty didn't have to do anything -- he and Brown went ahead and figured everything out, and Moretty just told them what to do. Um, isn't that the role of the squad leader? She shouldn't be the one going ahead to scout it out. In an interview, Whitlow says that she doesn't think the men believed that Moretty would do a good job, but the women told her to tell people to shut up. Moretti and Wolf discuss what to do next, and Moretty silences them and gets them refocused on the mission. The squad members slide over to the tower on a wire, and pull the hostage across, with fifteen minutes left. Then, they pick up the hostage and carry him to the finish line. They finish the mission with about a minute and a half left. In an interview, Moretty says that she was worried about the tension between them all, and that it would affect their performance. In an interview, Jackson says that Moretty is automatically in the final four, and she hasn't "really done that much work." God, Jackson used to be my second favorite (after Yaney), and he's really bugging me this week!

Day Twenty-Three. 11:00 AM. Mission Reward. Moretty commands the squad to "fall out and get in the hot tub." The recruits ease in with looks of relief on their face. In an interview, Whitlow says they spent thirty or forty minutes in there, and talks about the "pulsating" jets. In an interview, Wolf says it relieved their stress. Am I wrong that this is more than a little sexual? Especially because the next shot is of Wolf lying on his stomach, with the jet aimed -- well, you can guess where it's aimed. And he's all alone.

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