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Twists And Turns

1:00 PM. Sandbag Detail. The plotting is about to begin with a vengeance, so pay attention. Brown tells Moretty that she heard Moretty and Whitlow are against her. Which they are. Moretty wants to know who told that to Brown, but they have to postpone their conversation until later. In an interview, Brown says that Wolf told her. In an interview, Wolf says that he told Brown, and that "it's like a soap opera here." Yeah, because of Wolf's big fat mouth.

Moretty, Moretti, and Whitlow are filling sandbags. Moretty tells Whitlow what she just head from Brown. Moretty wants to know who Whitlow talked to. Moretty thinks that this is getting complicated and stressful, and she doesn't want to directly lie to Brown. Whitlow tries to get Moretty to calm down. In an interview, Moretty says that she knew she had to tell the truth, because it's always best to tell the truth, or you'll dig yourself a hole.

In an interview, Brown says that she and Moretty went into the barracks, and that Moretty admitted everything. Brown asked her to be honest. The two women talk in the barracks. Brown asks who they thought she would take, and Moretty says that they thought she'd take Jackson. Brown scoffs, and says that she likes him best, so they would have had a big surprise "on the hill." Brown says that she's voting for Jackson because she thinks he'll take Whitlow. In an interview, Brown says that she's voting for Jackson because she thinks he's the only one who won't take her, and also that he'll take Whitlow, and Brown wants Whitlow gone. Got that? Hold on -- it's about to get even more complicated.

Whitlow comes into the Brown/Moretty conversation in the barracks. Moretty explains that Brown knows about their plot. Moretty says that she and Brown are coming up with "an alternate plan" if Whitlow wants to join them. Brown lays out the options -- Whitlow can still vote for her, or they can go back to the original plan of voting for Jackson. They debate voting for Wolf instead. Whitlow asks Brown how she feels about her. Brown says that she doesn't know why Whitlow tried to switch things around. In an interview, Brown says that she felt hurt because she thought they had a pact. Whitlow tells Brown that you can't take things personally in this game, and that she felt bad inside. In an interview, Moretty says, "It was bound to blow up" now that the group is so small. Brown argues that they should vote for Jackson because he's the strongest and fastest guy left. Whitlow asks whom Brown thinks Jackson will take, and Brown out-and-out lies that she thinks Jackson will take one of the guys. So much for honesty -- Brown has already said that she thinks Jackson will take Whitlow, and that's one of the reasons she's voting for him. In an interview, Whitlow says that talking to Brown made her change her mind. Whitlow tells the other women that, at Dismissal Hill, when the votes are revealed, Wolf and Moretti will know that the women banded together, and they'll just have to deal with it then. Brown says that at least the women are all together. Whitlow walks away, and Moretty and Brown share a look like, "Dude. She's so leaving tonight."

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