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Yaney Gets His Chance

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Yaney Gets His Chance

Last week: Thomson got a medical discharge because of a heart condition. That's more information about his problems than I think we got in all of last week's episode. Meyer cried when Thomson left, probably because he knew that Thomson was his only friend. Brown thinks that Moretti enjoys bossing people around too much. Moretti thought that Brown was an actress. I guess that's supposed to be an insult. Moretti led the squad to success in their "carry dummies around on the beach" mission. Yes, I think that was the official name. The reward was a personal item, and most people chose pictures and then cried. Wolf found out that he was a target of the women, and confronted them. But, in the end, Meyer was the one dismissed, and because Thomson was already discharged, he left alone.

Day Thirteen. 6:30 AM. Fall Out. Yeah, that's what I would do if someone wanted me to get up that early -- fall out of bed. The recruits assemble in front of the barracks. DI Rosenbum (a.k.a. Still My Boyfriend) starts yelling at Yaney for something having to do with thumbs and trousers. That's all I got. In an interview, Yaney says he joined the show just to see how long he would last, and never thought that he would win, but now he's starting to see that it's "anybody's game." Seriously, I will love this show forever if Yaney wins.

DI Rosenbum reminds them that they will be choosing a new squad leader after breakfast, and tells them to think about it while they're "sucking down [their] chow." He includes a helpful gesture to show us what sucking down your chow looks like. That's another phrase that sounds like a euphemism, but it's not. Everyone runs off to breakfast. In an interview, Jackson tells us that he's been trying to avoid being squad leader, because he will need the amnesty more later, when the strong people are being targeted. Right now, Jackson feels that there are still a few weak links on the squad, who will be targeted, so he doesn't need the amnesty that being squad leader can provide. That's a really good strategy, and one that hadn't occurred to me. Which is reason #195 why I couldn't be on this show -- poor strategic thinking. When Jackson refers to some of the weak squad members, we see shots of Yaney, Lauder, and Brown. I figured that was important. Jackson tells us that he's not the only one who is using this strategy.

The women have a pow-wow in the ladies' room. I told you the women are strategizing night and day. Moretty asks who's going to be the squad leader, and suggests Whitlow. See? Like I said last week, Moretty is totally in charge of the women, and the men think that it's Brown. She's unobtrusive about it, but she runs them. In an interview, Whitlow says that she didn't want to be squad leader because she doesn't want to stand out until the time is right.

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