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Yaney Gets His Chance

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Yaney Gets His Chance

7:15 AM. New Squad Leader. The recruits sit on the porch to the rec room and discuss who should do it. Basically, it's a Life cereal commercial. There's a lot of, "I'm not going to do it -- you do it." And then, "I'm not going to do it -- you do it!" Until finally, someone says, "Hey, let's get Yaney! He won't complete it -- he sucks at everything." In the midst of that, Moretti reveals that he didn't want Brown to be the leader because he's hoping to vote her off this time. After someone suggests Yaney, the women totally steamroll him by saying, "Oh, it would be great! You would be so great at it!" and it probably reminds Yaney of his mother heaping praise on him, so he agrees. Yaney tells everyone that he'll need a lot of help. In an interview, Yaney says that this game is nuts, and that you never know what will happen next. In an interview, Wolf says that "certain people are playing it smart" by making Yaney squad leader and saving their own potential amnesty for later. I would think, also, that the squad is more likely to succeed at these later missions because they are in better shape, and work better together as a squad. So the squad leader is more likely to get amnesty the longer this goes on. Wolf thinks that Yaney will do fine because he has "good leaders behind him," and basically calls Yaney a pawn in the game.

DI Taylor approaches the squad and asks Yaney if he's the new squad leader. In an interview, DI Taylor says that she did "a stutter step" when she realized Yaney was the squad leader. She "took a step, paused, and had to grasp it in [her] head and keep going." DI Taylor gives Yaney some instructions to pass on to the squad. In an interview, Yaney says that he has no problem being squad leader, rhetorically asking how bad it could be. Yaney gives the squad some instructions, and I don't know if it's because of the braces or what, but you can barely understand what he's saying. After one sentence, he just pauses for an eternity, until he remembers what to say.

8:15 AM Physical Training. Yaney is leading the squad. In an interview, Jackson says that Yaney is in the worst physical shape on the squad, so his leading physical training "is like the chicken cooking scrambled eggs -- it doesn't work." Well, neither does that analogy, really. DI Taylor watches Yaney lead, and when he screws up (again), she buries her face in her hand. Yaney continues, but DI Rosenbum interrupts to ask whether Yaney is the new squad leader. Yaney replies in the affirmative. DI Rosenbum scores the best line of the episode when he says, "Hello, recruits. What'd you eat for breakfast, crack?" Ha! My boyfriend is funny. DI Rosenbum goes on to ask whether they think that Yaney is the best choice for squad leader, and whether they'll give him the chance to prove his leadership; the squad says yes on both counts.

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