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Yaney Gets His Chance

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Yaney Gets His Chance

DI Rosenbum checks in with Lauder to see how he's feeling, and Lauder claims that he's feeling fine. In an interview, Lauder says that he had a goal of making it halfway, because even though he's in good shape, his age puts him at a disadvantage. We see footage of Lauder holding someone's feet and counting out exercises in a very high voice, and I don't get the strain because he's not the one doing the exercising. In an interview, Whitlow says that Lauder will push himself to "basically a heart attack," and that footage looks familiar. Probably because they used it in the previews to make us think she was talking about Thomson.

9:30 AM Mile Run. Whitlow voice-overs that, in the run, they had to "physically push him forward." And we see various recruits putting their hands on the small of Lauder's back to do just that. One of the DIs makes Lauder stop and rest. In an interview, Lauder cries as he says that he's going to go until he drops, and he feels like he's letting himself down. In an interview, Wolf says that Lauder is pushing himself, and that he's been a fighter his whole life, through a lot of adversity. Wolf reveals that Lauder's wife died about fifteen years ago. In an interview, Lauder cries and says that his dead wife gives him strength to get up in the morning. We see a very sore Lauder relieved to get a hot shower, while Lauder voice-overs that his wife had "all the faith in the world" that he would succeed. Lauder feels that he took good care of his kids, and that his wife is taking good care of him, because she's always there. Lauder walks back to the barracks in a towel, which is a shot I didn't need to see. And what's with the dead relatives on this show?

Day Thirteen. 3:00 PM. Mission Training: Rappelling. I think God is trying to tell me never to rappel -- not that I was going to anyway, but it's been featured on two out of the three shows I recapped this week, generally with disastrous results. Or at least scary results. We get some information about rappelling -- it will be done from a fifty-foot tower, and each recruit will receive a harness consisting of a twelve-foot rope and a D-ring, or metal clip. In an interview, Hutak says that she is motivated and driven by being at boot camp, and now she wants to actually go to boot camp in the Marines. In an interview, DI Rosenbum says that Hutak has all the fundamentals down to be an actual recruit. Hutak quickly rappels down the tower. In an interview, Coddington says that Hutak is "too gung-ho, in my opinion," and that she's not sure why Hutak went on a television show to "fulfill [her] boot camp dreams." Yeah, why not just enlist? Oh, because you don't get $500,000 for that.

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