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Yaney Gets His Chance

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Yaney Gets His Chance

DI Rosenbum gives Coddington some last-minute instructions at the top of the tower, and refers to her as "Princess." In an interview, DI Rosenbum explains that Coddington earned the name "Princess" because she "trots around, and she's kind of dainty, and boot camp is not her lifestyle." Coddington leans back over the edge. In an interview, Coddington says that she looked down, and that it seemed really far, and that she was not at all reassured by having McSweeney at the bottom of the rope to save her if she fell. She imitates McSweeney looking at her with "his mean, evil eyes, going, 'Come on, Cuddleton!'" In an interview, DI McSweeney says that Coddington is "so prissy, such a princess, that Cuddleton just seemed to fit her, like a little cuddle doll." Ooh, I think DI McSweeney has a little crush! Coddington makes an attempt at rappelling, but is unsuccessful and gets yelled at by the instructor. In an interview, Coddington says that the instructor was really mean, and that it was scary the first time. Coddington finally gets down the wall, but not without a lot of whining. In an interview, Coddington explains that she had to do it again.

All of the other recruits rapel down very quickly. DI Rosenbum goes last and makes it down in, like, two seconds. He's so talented.

Night Thirteen. 6:30 PM. In an interview, Recruit Jackson tells us he heard that Brown is getting the women to vote for the men, and that he thinks "she's just playing the game. That's smart strategy." Have you noticed that, now that things have become more strategic, we see a lot more interviews and a lot less footage of the DIs yelling at the recruits? In an interview, Moretti tells us that he, Wolf, and Jackson don't want to vote Brown off, because they think she will pull one of them when she gets to pick someone to be dismissed with her. In a strategy session over boot polishing, Moretti explains to Lauder that if he is voted off, he plans to take Brown, and he urges Lauder to do the same. In an interview, Moretti explains that they plan to vote off Lauder because he needs to rest, and they know that Lauder will take Brown with him. Oh, they know that, do they? Moretti continues urging Lauder to take Brown with him. In an interview, Wolf says that everyone is afraid, and that they know that someone has to go, so why not vote off Lauder, who is a weak link? Wolf says that they don't know whom Lauder will take with him, so I guess he's a little less confident than Moretti is. Wolf tells Lauder that he has to "take one for [the men]." Lauder asks whom they are voting for, and no one answers, or at least we don't see the answer. In an interview, Lauder says that he has a lot of faith in "Wolfie," and that he will do whatever Wolfie says.

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