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Yaney Gets His Chance

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Yaney Gets His Chance

Everyone else in the squad waits behind a safety bunker. Yaney yells for the team to hurry, but Jackson tells him that the explosives are no longer hooked up. There are just over four minutes remaining. This isn't looking good. Back at the safety bunker, Yaney drops his harness and runs back to the tower to help out. In an interview, Yaney tells us that someone kicked one of the caps, and it came unhooked. They had to go through the tangle of wires and find two open ends. With two and a half minutes remaining, Wolf gets everything hooked up. They take off back to the safety bunker. Moretti and Whitlow try to hook up the wires to the detonator box, which doesn't seem like a two-person job. They get it hooked up just as Yaney, Jackson, Moretty, and Wolf run back to the bunker. There are less than thirty seconds left. It will be heartbreaking if they fail now. Yaney pushes the detonator and the tower explodes. The mission is a success. In an interview, Yaney says that he "did good." He never thought he would be a squad leader, much less succeed at a mission, and "[he] blew something up!" Aw, Yaney. You just want to give him a hug.

Night Fourteen. 8:15 PM. Mission Reward Dinner. DI Taylor informs the squad that they will be getting their requested foods, and orders them to take their shoes and socks off and feel the sand between their toes. In an interview, Wolf says that the chance to relax was great. DI Taylor tells them that they can "feast at [their] leisure." Jackson is handed a gigantic banana split. Like, four times the size of a normal one. In an interview, Jackson says that, at home, he has sushi almost every night, but that he appreciates it more here. In an interview, Wolf says that he thought it would be "supermarket sushi, prepackaged," but that it was fresh. Many shots of the squad giggling and eating. In an interview, Wolf says that all of the food was great, and that they really appreciated it. Everyone toasts Yaney. Yaney says, "We get good food, and we get to blow something up." Wolf agrees, "I know. What kind of a day is that? That's the best day ever." In an interview, Coddington says that her "special special memory" was Jackson's ice-cream sundae. All of the women descend on the sundae and devour it. Whitlow thinks it tastes "like heaven." In an interview, Yaney says that they needed the dinner, and that he wished it could have lasted "into brunch the next day." DI Francisco comes and breaks up the party. As he notes that Yaney is the squad leader, he says, "You're killing me!"

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