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Yaney Gets His Chance

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Yaney Gets His Chance

10:30 PM. Coddington to Medic. No, it's not like Survivor where she got the runs from eating all the good food. She has swelling in her knees and ankles. In an interview, Coddington tells us that she was worried, because it's the same thing that started happening with Thomson; she was concerned because the doctor was concerned, and she doesn’t want to be medically discharged. The doctor tells her to come back before she goes to bed to let him do another set of vital signs. Coddington voice-overs that she was holding back tears when she left. Upon her return to the barracks, she cries to Moretty about how worried she is. The doctor asked her if she's had any shortness of breath while exercising, and she was hyperventilating during their exercise that day, and she knows that she's not that out of shape.

Day Fifteen. 8:15 AM. Squad Punishment. For what? DI Rosenbum screams at Yaney to do push-ups, because he lost some equipment. In an interview, Jackson explains that they all had ropes and D-rings for the rappelling, and at the end of the mission, Yaney's D-ring came up missing. Do you think this has something to do with that footage we saw of Moretty telling Wolf to hold her rope? Just wait. DI Rosenbum screams at Yaney that, as squad leader, he was responsible for the men, the women, and the equipment. In an interview, Yaney says that it's hard to understand why a "stupid little rope with a clip is worth this much terror and aggravation in one's life." DI Rosenbum forces Yaney and the squad to do more exercises.

In an interview, Brown says that Wolf stole Yaney's harness, and that they all had to do push-ups because of Wolf's lying. In an interview, Wolf denies it. DI Rosenbum forces them to do more exercises. In an interview, Brown says that it's not right to let other people take your punishment, and that Wolf can do push-ups for days, but that Yaney is really hurting. Yaney walks up and asks Brown whether she knows where the missing equipment is. She says that the person who took it should say so. Wolf is standing right there. In an interview, Brown says that she told Yaney, and he didn't care because he thinks that Wolf's his friend. Brown tells Yaney that it was Wolf, and Yaney replies, "Thanks." In an interview, Yaney says that it's hard to believe the rumors because "certain people are after each other," and so you don't want to believe anything unless you see it. DI Rosenbum yells at Yaney some more. In an interview, Yaney says that he can't prove anything, and even if he could, he'd have to do push-ups anyway, so he's "just going to swallow it."

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