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Yaney Gets His Chance

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Yaney Gets His Chance

Night Fifteen. 8:15 PM. Evening Chow. Moretty tells the table that she thinks the people in the tunnel (Yaney, Wolf, Jackson, and herself) should take the blame. She knows it's not hers, but she doesn't think it's fair that Yaney is talking all the heat for it. Yaney says that he doesn't know who it was, but that he knows it wasn't him. It's his squad, so he has to deal with it. In an interview, DI Rosenbum says that the situation with Yaney is "an interesting twist," because they don't know what happened, exactly. DI Rosenbum menacingly whispers to Yaney, "Now, I'll ask you one more freakin' last time..." Wolf walks over and DI Rosenbum interrupts himself to scream, "Get away from meeeeee!" Wolf takes off. DI Rosenbum asks Yaney who he thinks took his rope and D-Ring. Yaney says that it must have been Moretty, Jackson, Wolf, or himself, because they were the only people in the tunnel. In an interview, DI Rosenbum says, "Scuttlebutt has it that Wolf left it behind, and Yaney took the hit for it." Rosenbum says that Wolf might have taken Yaney's, and that he wishes he knew the truth.

DI Rosenbum calls Wolf out of the barracks and asks whether he took Yaney's clip. Wolf says that he didn't, and that he's a man of integrity. He keeps babbling on, but DI Rosenbum interrupts him to yell, "Shut up!" I totally want that phrase recorded so I can just play it when people annoy me. In an interview, Wolf says that if he did something, he would "one hundred percent take the fall for it." DIs McSweeney and Rosenbum interrogate Wolf about the rope some more. Wolf says that he threw his on the ground before going back into the tunnel for the second time. DI McSweeney wants to know where the missing rope is, then. Wolf doesn't know. In an interview, Jackson says that the problem with Wolf wasn't that he wouldn't acknowledge that he made a mistake, but that he "wouldn't acknowledge the possibility that he might have made a mistake."

The squad gathers around a campfire. Wolf tells someone that he never took his rope and D-Ring off in the tunnel, and the second time, he didn't even bring it into the tunnel. It's time for the tape. First, Wolf removes his harness at the bunker. In an interview, Yaney explains that the ropes were driving him crazy, and that they didn't need them once the rappelling part was done, so he took his off. We see footage of Yaney removing his harness at the bunker. In an interview, Moretty says that she doubted herself, because she wasn't sure she ever took her harness off. We see the footage of Moretty removing her harness in the tunnels and handing it to Wolf to hold, and he throws it on the floor. In an interview, Jackson says that they wired everything and came running out. We see Yaney and Wolf back at the bunker, just before Yaney detonates the explosives, and neither of them is wearing harnesses. In an interview, Coddington says that Wolf came over at the end and told her to hand him a harness, and she did. Back at the fire, the squad pieces together that the harness Coddington handed Wolf may have been Yaney's. Wolf points out that someone must have left a harness in the tunnels. Brown tries to point the finger at Wolf some more, saying that he came out of the tunnels without a harness. Wolf says that he didn't wear one into the tunnels, which is true. Yaney voice-overs that there are rumors that Wolf left his harness in the tunnel and took Yaney's instead. We see footage of the explosion, and Moretty is wearing a harness. Then we see that Moretty's harness is still in the tunnel. So Moretty is the one who left her harness behind. Not Wolf. Interesting. I don't think she was lying in her interviews -- I think she truly believes that she ended up with her own harness, and doesn't recall handing it to Wolf. Wolf obviously doesn't remember it either.

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