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Chapter Eighteen

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Finkel on his students: "I think Marla's done something with them."

Then, we don't get a commercial break. It's always a bad sign when a character dies and we don't go to commercial. What does that say about the importance of the event? A lot. That's what. This Christine "story" is a travesty of random events and absent structure.

In Steven's office, Marla is explaining her reasons for resigning, which basically come down to her not believing that she offers anything that students might aspire to be like. Steven tries to play off what she said about janitors: "You weren't thinking." Marla says, "Exactly. I am detrimental to these kids, Steven. I have never ever thought that before." She says it's time for her to go. Just then Marilyn comes in: "She didn't make it." "Christine?" "Her aorta ruptured, and she's gone." Steven says, "First you're a conductor, then you're teaching English, then you're directing skits, then you're arranging a cappella, and now, what, you're a doctor?" No, actually, he is silent. Because words can not describe how dramatically meaningless bad writing has rendered Christine's death.

Now we get commercials. Ally's up next. Stupid Robert Downey Jr.

Outside Winslow High, the press is literally asking the question, "How could a 300-pound girl with no conditioning be allowed to wrestle?"

Inside, Scott and Steven arrive through the front doors. Is this supposed to be Sunday? No, 'cause students are here, too. Monday? I guess so. They are discussing this very question. Not the one about what day it is, but the one about physicals, because now the superintendent is worried about this issue. Steven says, "The answer is money. We don't have the money to give physicals to all of our athletes. Not the thin ones, not the fat ones." Scott says, "Did we make any effort to satisfy ourselves Christine was healthy?" You know, she did spend an entire season on the wrestling team, which some might consider a form of "conditioning," prior her death, but let's not quibble. At any rate, Scott's going to try to talk to Kevin Riley about it, to see if…hold on, didn't they have this conversation already? Wait. Yes. They did. Then Steven says, "I rehired Darren Scofield. Again. I don't want you to fire him anymore." Scott's all, "He called me an administrator." Steven, deciding that his level of disdain can only be conveyed via use of the word "gee," says, "Oh, gee. Does that really bother you?" Scott says, basically, yes, only with many more words. Steven sighs. Scott says, "I'll try not to fire him any more." Heh heh heh, funny line. Then Scott brings up the cruise again, showing some pamphlets to Steven. Steven says that they only get a few weeks of vacation a year. "Do we really want to spend what little we have…with each other?" Oh ho ho. With all these light-hearted plot lines, I almost forgot that CHRISTINE JUST DIED AND HER FUNERAL IS TODAY. Anyway, Scott leaves.

Teacher's lounge. Marilyn is telling Lauren that she read Christine's essay. "It's about a little girl who dreams of being a ballet star." Oh, how poignant. So why don't I care? Oh, because it's not poignant -- it's maudlin and stupid. Lauren says, "We've had three kids die this year. You've been close to two of them." Except that Marilyn wasn't really close to Christine pretty much until this episode, so whatever. Marilyn nods, lying. The funeral is at two o'clock. Marilyn says she's okay, lying again.

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