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Chapter Eighteen

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Finkel on his students: "I think Marla's done something with them."

Commercials. Let's look at the structural significance of the dome. Oh, wait. Let's not.

"A coalition?" says Lauren, with a modicum of incredulity. We're in Marilyn's classroom, where Jenna the Bitch is trying to sell Lauren and Marilyn on the idea of a teacher's coalition that would be separate from existing organizations, to help protect them from cavalier administrative decisions. "Firing Kevin Riley was absurd, we all know that. Now Darren Scofield, 'cause his grades are too high?" Lauren and Marilyn exchange a glance, as if to say, 'Um…dude's grades are too high, Jenna the Bitch. Not everyone can motivate students with a nice ass." Though, actually, Lauren and Marilyn both could. But I digress. Lauren asks Jenna if they can think about it, and Jenna says yeah, and leaves. Christine comes in, passing Jenna in the doorway, and body-slams her against the wall, breaking her nice ass. No, wait, phew, she doesn't. Christine is only here to tell Marilyn she rewrote her essay, and asks if she can resubmit it. Marilyn says okay. Christine promises that she never wants to be known as a jock. This calls, apparently, for another lecture from Marilyn, even though Christine has basically agreed with all of her pithy sound-bites so far this episode. Marilyn says, "Christine, I'm not saying you shouldn't be proud of your wrestling." Christine says, "I know," mildly. Marilyn doesn't know what to do with this lack of petulant teenage resistance, so she just says that she and Lauren will be at the wrestling finals that night. Lauren acts all surprised, and then covers badly, "Yeah, sure, I'll be there," which is odd, because Lauren was much closer to Christine in earlier episodes than Marilyn was. Oh well, who cares. Marilyn asks if Christine's going to win, and she says she doesn't know: "My opponent's undefeated, but so am I." Marilyn says she's proud of Christine for rewriting her essay. Christine smiles. Okay. What the hell are these scenes even about? The answer is that they're about nothing at all, except reminding us that Christine's character exists. So I guess they work.

In the hallway, Scott grabs Steven and asks if Steven has rehired Darren Scofield yet (he hasn't) and urges him to do so immediately. The teachers are forming this coalition, see (thanks, we were there), and Scott doesn't want the rehiring to be seen as succumbing to this new force. If they can rehire Darren before the coalition exists, it can look like their own decision. Scott also refers to the coalition as a "rogue group of teachers" and warns against "empowering this faction" and a need to "snuff out anarchy." "Smell this shoe!" Scott's tirade is interrupted by the return of the Shoe Lady who drives the bus (not to be confused with the Bus Lady whom Steven tells to shoo), who appears at this point and shoves a shoe in Scott's face. "My daughter had to pick up garbage this morning. That's how she spent her time in a history class." Steven says, "Mrs. Parks…" "You know what I make, Mr. Principal?" Scott says, "Nineteen thousand dolla…" "You're the vice-principal! I did not…" "I…" "SMELL THAT SHOE!" "I will not! And that's a different shoe, by the way. She brings in prop shoes." Mrs. Parks says, "It's different because I had to buy her a new pair after she vomited on the last pair after your teacher brought her to a morgue to look at a blown-off head. Now another teacher's got her pickin' up garbage in new footwear." "Mrs. Parks…" "SMELL…THAT…SHOE!" Okay. Okay. BWA HA HA! This is the best scene in the brief history of Boston Public. ("David, come to bed." "Yes, Michelle. Hold on…'Smell…that…shoe…' Heh heh heh . I smell an Emmy, is what I smell.") Anyhow, Scott walks away, frustrated, and Steven promises to determine why her daughter was made to pick up garbage, but does not seem amenable to the request for shoe reimbursement.

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