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Finkel me this, Finkel me that: "You look horrible."

Props to keckler, who will be covering the February 19th episode of Boston Public, while I am flown to an undisclosed location for an undisclosed purpose.

Previously on Boston Public: Anthony Heald found a human foot in a locker; Jamaal told Steven he got the foot from his job at the morgue; Harry's Morgue-Friend told Harry that Jamaal brought friends in to "party with the body"; Harry begged a police officer to not arrest Jamaal; Gladys, Jamaal's mother, thanked Harry for helping her son so much; Lauren showed Harry a cartoon of Milton boinking Lisa Greer on; Milton had sex with Lisa in real life, too; Milton told Anthony Heald that his car broke down, making him late for school; Coach Kevin made Milton promise that the affair was over; Milton told Steven that his relationship with Lisa was purely professional; Milton yelled at Harry for being nosy; Milton told Kevin he was in love with Lisa; Lisa told Milton that they could keep seeing each other if they were careful to keep it secret. Is it just me, or are those getting absurdly long?

A big empty house. Lauren is showing Harry its many wonders. "How much?" asks Harry. "One-ninety-five. Which is great for this neighborhood. I was sure I'd have to get into a bidding war, and I never would have gotten it." So she's planning to buy this house just for herself? I'm assuming she and Harry are not moving in together quite yet, as that suggestion would likely result in a Harry-shaped hole in the nearest wall. Anyway, buying a house for herself does not seem wholly practical. Harry is obviously thinking along the same lines, and says, "I don't mean to pry, but can you swing this?" She says yes, if she qualifies for the loan, which she'll know in an hour and forty-two minutes. (I'm guessing, then, that unlike "Chapter 9" this episode will not be unfolding in real time.) Well, the loan approval should go well for her, provided the loan officer doesn't turn out to be an ex-boyfriend she dumped, right? Right? She shows Harry the kitchen, and he asks her where the broker is. "We didn't want to pay another actor," she says, "so he's not in this scene. Then we had you ask that question to cover it." No, actually, she says, "He just gave me the key. My trusting face." I think the correct word is "trustworthy," since her intended meaning, presumably, is that her face is the natural object of trust, not that her face tends to trust others, which makes no sense anyway, as her face doesn't have the freedom of will to trust or mistrust things or people on its own. But why quibble with her grammar, she's…say it with me now, people…ONLY A TEACHER! Anyhow, she's explaining to Harry that everything is new in the house, because the previous owner "bought it pretty much just to spec it, so…this is my dream house." Harry warns her that buying the house will officially make her a grown-up, and she promises to eventually drag him into adulthood, too. Boding well for their future together, Harry says, "I'll never own. It's too difficult to flee the jurisdiction." She tells him he should try to buy, as he's throwing his money away on rent. In my Manhattan apartment, I begin to cry. Harry looks at his watch: "It's 7:45. We should get going." He goes to warm up the car, and she goes over to the fireplace and sits next to it. She smiles big enough to fill the room. Awwww. I hope she doesn't fail to get the house, or something.

Opening credits. What I want to know is, who invented these brand new notes and tonal relationships, used for the first time ever in the "music" for this show?

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