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Chapter Eleven

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Finkel me this, Finkel me that: "You look horrible."

Milton's place. Milton and My-Fair-lita attempt to tear each other's clothes off while hiking tongues down each other's throat, which, as anyone who's tried it knows, is not easy. Milton stops the festivities, because he has to call Guber to explain his lateness.

In Scott's office, Guber answers the phone. "I thought we were going to get our car fixed, Mr. Buttle." I'm not sure whether we're meant to think that Scott buys that car excuse or not; right now he seems exasperated, not suspicious. But let's wait just a moment. "Well, this is a little late for me to be getting this call…as soon as you can, Mr. Buttle."

On Milton's bed, the fun resumes, but an errant butt cheek -- Lisa's, to be specific -- lands on Milton's phone, and apparently hits redial. This suggests well-toned glutes, which I guess only further supports the plausibility of Milton's obsession. Anyhow, Milton's phone calls Scott again.

Speaking of whom: Scott decides to answer with speakerphone this time, and is treated to the sounds of Milton and My-Fair-lita working on the correct pronunciation of the letter "H," if you know what I mean. Anthony Heald looks really upset, I guess because he can't believe that Milton's getting laid this morning, whereas he can't even stop Harry Senate from creating a suicide club.

The bank. James Dawson, a.k.a. Higher-Up-Guy, greets Lauren, and is pleased to note that Harry has not accompanied her this time. "Well," he says, "I went over your application myself, and I should say that my sister's a teacher, and I have nothing but the greatest admiration for it." Lauren, better than some of the other characters at gleaning content from phrasing and tone, notes that this doesn't sound good. Higher-Up-Guy says, "You just don't qualify. You can't make the down payment. You can't offer any collateral. And, quite frankly, I happen to think that this house is just too expensive for you. I mean, your budget will be so tight, just to…it's not padded at all. What if you were to go on vacation, or go out to dinner." Lauren says she doesn't really do those things, which is a lie, since I distinctly recall seeing her out to dinner at the end of "Chapter Nine," and also in whatever episode it was that Anthony Heald's brother bought him a call girl. But who cares. "Listen, I'd love to make this work, but I can't see it. Don't get me wrong…" Lauren says, "You love teachers." All angry. But he really did go out of his way to look into this personally, and biting his head off is not what he deserves. It isn't his fault that she simply doesn't have enough money.

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