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Chapter Eleven

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Finkel me this, Finkel me that: "You look horrible."

The Stairwell of Meaningful Conversations. Lauren has just told Harry that she didn't get the loan. "You're not devastated?" She says, "No. It's brick and stone. I mean, I had everything I really wanted in that bathtub last night." I don't so much want to think about that in detail, but I guess it's a sweet thing to say. He gives her a forehead smooch and she says, "Plus, I love my job. I feel good about it, despite the societal mandate that I be miserable, and ashamed. Houses take upkeep, you have to pay real-estate taxes. You know?" Harry says, "How was the tub?" Blah blah blah Flirty-McSmoochy-cakes.

Harvey and Marla, in their classroom, pack up for the end of the day. Marla's upset, and Harvey, for some reason, thinks he can do something that will cheer her up and not simply irritate her more. He says, "Was it the hair?" She tells him what really happened. He says, "Well, that makes sense I guess." She gives him a look: "I'm kinda busy, Harvey." He says, "Okay, okay. Marla. Would you like to get dinner tonight? I don't mean sexual. I mean two colleagues as friends. My father once told me: if you eat alone, you'll have a harder time picking off somebody else's plate." She laughs, and agrees, and he smooches her on the side of the head. "Sue me," he says. Sweet. Except that in this climate, overly litigious and highly sensitive to sexual harassment, she just might.

The camera takes us through the empty halls and rooms of the house Lauren didn't get to buy, as the Sad Tinkly Piano of Injustice plays in the background. And soon we find Lauren herself, sitting on the floor by the fireplace. This is a very sad image. Except, how did she get in here? Oh, right, her trusting face, and the broker gave her the key. I'm betting that, right after we fade out, the cops show up and arrest her. But, for now, aww.

Next week? Well, I don't know. Looks like we're back to repeats next week, but we do get four new episodes in February, which will include: Harry asking some kid if he witnessed a murder; Lauren in a shower; Lauren getting a subpoena from Camryn Manheim; and one of the teachers maybe sort of kind of perhaps having to leave but WHICH ONE? It's not who you think!

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