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Chapter Eleven

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Finkel me this, Finkel me that: "You look horrible."

The office. Anthony Heald is giving Principal Steve the skinny, so to speak, on the cheerleading routine: "It's become entirely too sexual." Steven asks what he means. "Well, there's gyrating. And pelvic…maneuvers. And they touch themselves." Steven says, "They touch themselves…?" as though Scott would be in there complaining about cheer-litas touching their foreheads. "Breasts," says Scott, gesturing to the vague vicinity in which, he's been told, breasts reside. Steven asks if Scott has talked to Tina already, she presumably being the Energy Queen. Scott says, "No, I thought it would be best to bring you in, since they think of me as a conservative fascist prude, and she would just reject my opinion. They practice again at three o'clock. Steven, it's borderline pornographic. They will be representing Winslow High in a state competition. You really should see the program." Steven says okay, as though he's really reluctant to watch a borderline-pornographic cheerleading routine. Whatever.

The dungeon. Harry has apparently summoned Jamaal to talk to him. "I didn't do nothing wrong," says the kid, employing a double negative that Harry doesn't bother to correct. "So, Petey says you got a little freaked yesterday over one of the bodies. It was a suicide? A kid ate his gun?" Jamaal says yeah. "How'd that make you feel?" Jamaal says he didn't really feel nothing, which actually means he felt something (double-negative), but never mind. Again. Harry says, "Is that true, Jamaal? I got you this job because you said you thought about dying a lot. When you'd think of it, how'd you see yourself dying? Natural causes, car accident?" Jamaal says both. "Suicide?" Jamaal gets up, defensive, annoyed: "Man, why are you asking me this?" Harry says that he's not suggesting that Jamaal's actually suicidal, but "I think you did think about it a little bit. There's nothing wrong with that. It's normal. Most teenage boys do. I did." Jamaal's a little bit incredulous, but Harry says it's true. Then he says he needs Jamaal's help with something: "I got you this job so you could fiddle with dead people. You owe me."

The hallway. "Transfer?" That's Milton talking to My-Fair-Lita. Apparently, she's pointing out that if she transfers to another school, their relationship can be out in the open, because they won't be breaking any rules. Milton points out that it would still be obvious that they started seeing each other while she was a student at Winslow. She says, "Come on, we're eventually going to get busted. The safest thing is for me to be going to another school." Milton says, "A transfer would just fuel the rumors." But she's one step ahead of him: "I could say I was feeling harassed by all the rumors, and needed to just get out. Think about it. If I didn't go here, we'd only have to lay low for another month, then we could go out in public. To dinner. To the movies." I love it, by the way, that they have conversations like this just out in the middle of the crowded hallway. I guess the whole Shakespeare Club ruse is supposed to cover this, but whatever. Milton says he'll think about it. Lisa walks away. Kevin walks by and throws Milton a dirty look.

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