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Chapter Eleven

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Finkel me this, Finkel me that: "You look horrible."

Milton's classroom. Coach Kevin grabs Milton by the elbow as he tries to leave at the end of a class, and drags him back into the room. "Kevin, what are you doing? Besides hurting my elbow?" Kevin says, "Milton, I am your friend. Possibly your best friend. Are you still seeing Lisa Greer?" Oh god, this is just what we need. Yet another scene about how it's wrong, but wait, she's eighteen, oh, but she goes to this school, oh, but I'm in love with her. Let's see how exactly the conversation goes this time -- Kevin: "Milton." Milton: "Can you keep my confidence? I tried breaking it off. We both did. I'm in love with her. I'm totally in love with her, and it isn't just about sex." Kevin: "You'll lose your job." Milton: "I'm willing to. What does that tell you?" Kevin: "It tells me you're not seeing straight. She's eighteen years old. Do you even conceivably think that you and she have a future together." Milton: "I actually do. We're talking about…we're thinking about having her transfer to another school. That's the real obstacle, that she goes here." Kevin: "That's the only real obstacle?" Milton: "It's the biggest one. If she wasn't enrolled in this particular high school then…I know how it seems. You of all people know I'm not some horny teacher taking advantage of a student." Kevin: "And that's exactly how it will look." Milton: "And how things look is taking a back seat to how things feel." Okay, enough. This is at least the third or fourth time that these two characters are having more or less the exact same conversation. Kevin is turning into a lamprey again, and also has become so annoying and redundant about this particular matter that I've begun to sympathize almost entirely with Milton. Get out of his face, Lamprey! He's fucking happy for once in his life; leave the poor guy alone! AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP MENTIONING THAT SHE'S EIGHTEEN! Whew. Anyway, Kevin says he wants to talk to her, based on some crazy justification about being worried she's being taken advantage of. Which is to say, yes, this idiotic conversation is still going on. Milton, and I totally agree with him, closes with this: "I'm talking to you as a friend. Someone I took into my confidence. Stay out of it." Word.

The gym. The cheer-litas are rehearsing what looks like a different, but equally raunchy, routine. It's a different song, with different moves. For example, they take off their shirts, and also lick their fingers and rub their nipples. Anthony Heald and Principal Steven watch this, and for some reason they don't look happy. Wait, let me rewind it. Nope, they are definitely not happy. Scott says, "Was I overstating it?" Steven says, "No. What kind of competition is this?" That's my question too, because maybe then I could find where they hold them. The routine ends, and Steven tells Tina he wants to talk to her in his office later. She seems to have no idea what he could possibly be perturbed about (she thinks it's about the double practice sessions), and he just repeats, more slowly and in a deeper voice, that she should come to his office.

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