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Chapter Fifteen

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Fyvush Finkel repeatedly insists, "There's nothing wrong with my mind!"

Props to Keckler, for slogging her way admirably through "Chapter Fourteen." Now she understands my pain, and my joy; my blessing and my curse; now she knows the terror and the life-giving elixir they call…Boston Public. How sweet are your barbs, my master.

Previously on The Blessing and The Curse: Tyron told Harry that he shot a kid and Harry gave his word not to say anything; Harry lied to a cop about it; Anthony Heald told Steven about Tina's naughty cheerleading routine for the cheer-litas; the cheer-litas danced sexily; Milton asked My-Fair-Lita's parents for permission to keep seeing her; Harvey overheard Jenna and Tina talking about cute student boys; Harvey told Steven that Jenna was sleeping with a student, because he's senile; Anthony Heald was invited to be a guest conductor for the Boston Pops, and Marilyn helped him prepare; Anthony Heald did a great job conducting.

The music room. Marilyn is "conducting" her choir, though this time she just presses play on a stereo, and nods her head to the hip-hop beat that results. Tyron is here, with various other members of the choir, and they all start doing what people in the college a cappella community used to call "vocal masturbation." They're riffing, and Tyron is really good at it. They're actually singing the Fugees' cover of "Killing Me Softly." After a moment, Tyron protests that he's being forced to harmonize a girl's part, but Marilyn says, "Never mind, Tyron. Just do it." He does. They sound pretty good, especially Tyron, though none of them blends together very well, because they all have really incompatible voices, but whatever. Marilyn contributes a lot with her "conducting": "Great! Awesome!"

Later, in the parking lot, Marilyn, Tyron, and some of the other students are walking away from the school in the dark. "Straight up girl's song, you know what I'm sayin'?" says Tyron, "I don't know why I gotta sing a girl's song." Marilyn says, "Because you came to the party late. We already chose that song, and the competition is four days away." After some banter with the other students that we don't care about, the others all go off in another direction, leaving Tyron and Ms. Souter alone. She tells him, "The head of the music department at Carnegie Tech is gonna be one of the judges. And my guess is, he hears you sing…you want to go to college, Tyron? This is your best shot." Why? I thought he was a good student. Or maybe the problem is money, and he's hoping for a free ride based on how well he sings. It's possible. She offers to give him a ride home, and he accepts, and they get into her car. "So, what, if they like how I sing I'll get admitted?" I guess he's confused too. "Maybe," she says. "Your boards are good." Wait, now I'm more confused. He has good test scores? Why is singing his only chance to get into college? But we don't have time to figure that out, because a mysterious car now pulls up alongside them, and the people in it do not look friendly. Maybe it's their angry facial expressions, or maybe it's the big shotgun one of them pulls out and aims at Ms. Souter's head, but I think they're up to no good. Tyron grabs her and pulls her down with him when he ducks. The gun blast shatters the driver's side window, and the car speeds away. Tyron and Marilyn pop up, unhurt. But Tyron no doubt saw something: that these guys were wearing red. They were Bloods. And that means the word is out that he killed one of them.

Credits. Yep, the rumors are true: no Milton, no Kevin. That's kind of alarming. It never occurred to me, really, that they might be off the show as regulars for good. Then again, that's not necessarily what this means, is it? DEK is probably just tricking us.

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