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Chapter Forty

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Once a Slow-lita, Always a Slow-lita

Previously on Boston Public: Harvey posited that it might be wise to use the phrase "African-American Black Colored Negroes"; Dana "Slow-lita" Poole kissed Harry Senate; Harry saw Dana stripping at a club; Dana blackmailed Harry with the fact that she kissed him. (Huh? Yes.)

The Dungeon. Harry is grading papers, and saying, "Loves me. Loves me not." No wonder he gets into trouble. Ronnie comes in and invites him out for a drink with some of the teachers, and he says she should go and just let him know what it's like. "Doyle's?" "Fun." Heh. Speaking of trouble, some dame appears in Harry Senate's doorway, and he knows she's trouble the minute she comes in off the rain-soaked streets and into his life. It's Dana Poole, otherwise known as Slow-lita, for the way she comes off as some hard-core sex kitten, but really she and Harry just kissed. She asks if he's got a second, and he says yeah, and she says he looks great, and he's all, "Yeah, um. So do you." Fascinating.

"A teacher?" says Harry, incredulously. It's later that night, and he and Slow-lita seem to just be starting their conversation. Wow, she is Slow-lita. Apparently, she's doing some project where she's supposed to spend a week with someone in a given profession, who inspired her, to help her pick a major. Um, "teacher" is a major now? Okay. Also, we learn that she goes to Smith, which is funny. Because there's no boys, so she'll have know...kiss other girls...Ooookay! So, where was I? Ah, yes. She's going to hang out with Harry, and ask him questions about teaching and stuff, and learn about careerism in the teaching profession, and this will comprise her "Freshman Thesis." What's that now? Harry is, understandably, dubious that such a thing even exists, and asks to see documentation on the project. "What, you think I came back here to seduce you?" Harry gives her a look, like: "C'mon. Who can resist these baby browns?"

The next day. Boston continues to exist, as the establishing shots make clear. Look, a high school!

The hallway. Dick Teachie is with Talk Time, at her locker. It seems she's bailing out on helping the kids swim at the pool today, because she's so weighed down with end-of-semester work. Teachie tells her not to stress, and helps her out a little: "Well, you read Grapes of Wrath, right? And you know your Hemmingway? Well, don't worry about Faulkner." Talk Time says she still has too much work to go to the pool today, and leaves. As Teachie walks away, he says, "How you doin', Hunt?" to some kid, who clearly overheard this last exchange, and was not pleased by it.

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