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Chapter Forty

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Once a Slow-lita, Always a Slow-lita

Someone is handling various items on a desk: a liberty bell, photographs. The hands belong to a dapper-looking older black man. The door to the room opens, and the man asks, "Are you Harvey Lipschultz?" Because it is in fact Harvey who has entered, he says, "What did I do?" The man, who identifies himself as Lester, says that Harvey didn't do anything. Then he changes his mind, and says that, actually, Harvey did, and asks if they can go somewhere and talk. Harvey's all, "Do you plan to rob me? I watch the news. Robbers, they target senior citizens. Especially, those who are losing their minds. Well, I haven't lost my mind. Go rob somebody else!" Lester fumbles and flounders for a bit, insisting that Harvey should just meet him for lunch at Doyle's, and gives Harvey his card. "Is this some kind of a joke?" "This is no joke," says Lester. "My name is Lester. Lester Lipschultz." The wind instruments of import-of-having- the-same-last-name begin to play, and Lester leaves, as mysteriously as we can only assume he arrived. Harvey watches him go, clearly thinking: "Lester Lipschultz? More like Pester Lipschultz."

Sanctum Stevenorium. Hunt is here, complaining to Scott and Steven about the unfair help Dick Teachie gives to Talk Time. Apparently, Teachie grades on a curve, but, because it is Talk Time who ruins the curve for everybody else, his giving her extra help is particularly galling. Hunt, of course, doesn't use the phrase "particularly galling." Hunt relates what he overheard about Teachie assuring her that Faulkner isn't going to be on the exam. "This has been going on all year, and the rest of us are being penalized for it." Steven says they'll look into it, but looks exasperated. Scott, however, nods to Hunt encouragingly.

The stairwell. Harry and Scott converge on the stairs, and each has a favor to ask of the other. Slow-lita wants to interview Scott for her project, and Scott wants to ask Harry about Dick Teachie and Talk Time. After Scott explains the complaint, Harry says, "That doesn't sound like Danny." But I don't understand why Scott is asking. What business is it of Harry's? Why would he know anything? Dick Teachie, who happens upon this discussion, feels the same way: "What doesn't sound like Danny?" Scott explains the complaint. Again. "That's ridiculous. And why would you go to Harry with that instead of me?" Scott says, "I was on my way to find you when I encountered Mr. Senate." For some reason, Teachie deems this to be an acceptable explanation, despite the fact that it makes no sense. I mean, so when Scott goes in search of someone, with sensitive information regarding them, he'll just discuss it with whoever he happens to run into on the way? Good policy. Anyway, Teachie is summoned to a meeting in Steven's office.

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