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Chapter Forty

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Once a Slow-lita, Always a Slow-lita

Scott waylays Lauren in the hallway to ask her about this whole thrilling "helping students too much" scandal. He explains that, whereas tutoring is logically most beneficial to struggling students, Lauren tutors many students who are very successful already. Lauren explains that some kids come to her simply because they're committed, not because they're struggling. Scott asks if she sometimes hints at what is most important to focus on, and she begins to catch wind of where this is headed. "I tell them what to focus on in class. And I don't like your tone, Scott. I mean, first I'm being too hard on the kids, and now...? I'm late for class." She tries to walk off, but Scott's all, "Don't walk away from me, Ms. Davis. The fact that you don't like my questions doesn't negate my right to ask them. And I'm getting a little tired of your pissy self-righteous prima donna attitude, do I make myself clear?" That cheer you just heard was from the GGG's in the forum. Lauren has an overly scripted comeback just waiting: "Hell is waiting for you, Scott. Don't pass go." She walks off, passing Dana Poole. "Hi, Ms. Davis." "Shut up." BWA HA HA! Slow-lita asks Scott if he'll talk to her for her project, and he tells her to make an appointment.

Office. The Exposition Fairy says to Steven, "He just went into your office and sat down. He won't tell me why." The 'he' in question is Harvey, and when Steven enters, Harvey says to him: "I have a son." "Oh. Uh. Mazel Tov?" "I'm too old to have a son." Harvey eventually gives Steven enough information to understand the situation. "I had relations with an African-America Negro. Apparently, it took. So now I have an African-American Negro son." The Exposition Fairy takes this in before Steven has a chance to shut the door. Harvey's here because he wants Steven to tell him that sending Pester away was okay. "And it would be for me to tell you that, because?" "You're black. When he comes back, I want to be able to tell him that even my black friends support me." Steven suggests that Harvey find out more about his son before sending him away, but Harvey says he doesn't want to know anything. "Well, if that's the way you feel, Harvey, I guess it's best you just...send him away."

Vice-Office. Scott has assembled what appears to be some sort of task force to gather more information about HelpingStudentsGate. The task force is Ronnie and Marla. I guess Scott thinks they're the teachers best equipped to do this sort of thing, for some non-specific reason. Like an idiot, though, Scott attempts to charge them with this task without telling them why, so Marla presses him until he explains the situation. AGAIN. He gives them a list of students to grill.

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