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Chapter Forty

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Once a Slow-lita, Always a Slow-lita

A café. Harry and Slow-lita are still talking. Rather, she's still attempting to ask questions about economic factors, and he's still being difficult. "Why are you being so difficult?" she asks. And I certainly don't know the answer. He seems generally pissy, but it's not clear why. If he didn't want to hang out with Dana, he could have just said no, and furthermore he's never been upset about money before, has he? This is new. So I don't know what his deal is. Meanwhile, Slow-lita starts calling him "Harry" because calling him "Mr. Senate" places her in too subordinate a position. He doesn't like this, but can't do much about it. They head outside to sit, and she explains again that the topic is education and careerism, and he maintains that he has the right not to talk about it. So why the hell did he say yes? They bicker some more, and it's mostly nonsense, and it eventually finds its way around to the famous kiss. She refers to it as "when you kissed me." He says, "You kissed me." "Are we still gonna cling to that, Harry? I know that's the line, and I've been willing to live with it." Blah blah blah. She challenges him to admit to himself that he kissed her, and all I can say is WHO CARES?!? I was amazed at how tame this plot line was WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING! Who cares about a stupid kiss that happened one time, a year and a half ago!? What deep insight is this giving us into Harry in the present? I'm so exasperated with this show right now. He tries to steer them back to the interview, but as soon as she mentions where they left off, he flips out again, and she checks off the topics that are off-limits: "Fine! No money, no rage, no kiss." At which point he says, "Great. I'm done." And leaves. Huh? Poor Nicki Katt, given nothing but nonsense to act this episode.

Delineation Alley. Talk Time flags down Teachie and asks if she got him in trouble. He says no, and asks if she thinks she gets extra help from him. "Sometimes. I mean...I know you're not being dishonest, but sometimes, working at the pool, I get the feeling I have an advantage." They part ways. Lauren flags down Louisa, but is shocked at her greeting. "What, I can't say hi?" "You can. You just usually don't. Do you want something?" "Well, now that you bring it up..." "Now that I bring it up?" Lauren asks The Exposition Fairy how it's possible that Steven and Scott take her to task for two things that seem mutually exclusive: being too hard on the kids, and being too easy on the kids. She thinks they must have a vendetta against her. Louisa's all, "Here's a wild idea. You're pressuring some students, and unfairly helping others. Later."

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