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Chapter Forty

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Ding-dong. Harvey shows up at Pester's house, but now who's doing the pestering, eh? Pester answers the door, and Harvey says he has something that belonged to his mother. "Take it, it has her initials: Iris Williams." It's a handkerchief. "She gave this to you." "When I cried." "Out of shame?" "I kept it, didn't I?" Good point. Harvey explains that he wasn't prepared to be confronted with a son, and also that sometimes when people have a relationship with him they come to regret it. "But I, uh...could be open to it, if I...uh...It's good to meet you, Lester." He offers his hand. Lester shakes it. Harvey starts to go, but Lester stops him. "You never had any other children?" "Helen and I tried for years. When we couldn't have any, we decided we didn't want any." Lester says he wants to take Harvey for a drive.

Steven's office. Scott is giving his recommendation for dealing with helping-students- to-study-gate. He suggests forbidding teachers to tutor students in their own classes, thereby eliminating the conflict of interest. But Scott is also concerned with the fact that, because only the richer kids can afford the tutoring, they get an unfair advantage. This is just occurring to him now? That's how our entire country enforces its educational caste system, dude. Although I wonder what kind of a public school charges exorbitant amounts for tutoring session with teachers. Mine certainly didn't. Teachers would just sometimes make themselves available for extra help during free periods. But: whatever. Scott wants to mount a full investigation, but Steven says no. "It would be like...ExamGate." Hey! "The walls would shake. College admissions could be affected." Scott objects that simply changing the policy while sweeping the past under the rug isn't honest, but Steven stands firm. Scott looks disapproving and storms out.

The parking lot. Dana is still walking with Harry, and she tells him she'd like to continue with the project. "Why?" "Because I've barely done one interview! And you didn't cooperate." I'd just like to mention for the record that, in the café scene, during the argument I did not transcribe, Dana distinctly said that she had talked to lots and lots of teachers already. "I want to do a good job. Maybe it was silly to do this with you, but...what's the expression? The horse has left the gate?" That's not an expression. Idiot. Also, she's still talking. "Part of my motivation may have been...I enjoy spending time with you. I've never had trouble admitting that." Harry says goodnight. They each go to their cars. She says she's calling him to continue, and they're not done, but I hope she's wrong, and they are. Why can't they bring back Cheryl Holt? Harry watches her drive off, and his cell phone rings. It's Dana. "You look like a perv watching me drive off." I hate her.

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